Why NOBODY Bought These

Avaldati 19 veebr 2021
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Just because a car is great doesn't mean it sells well. Unfortunately, some of the best cars ever were complete failures from a marketing standpoint! We put together 9 of the coolest cars that flopped in the market. RIP, this is the D-List.
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  • Joey Parnell

    Joey Parnell

    Місяць tagasi

    I had my first kiss in a contour svt ☺️

    • Daniel Skrzypiec

      Daniel Skrzypiec

      Päev tagasi

      Ooof I got so confused in Europa it's Ford mondeo

    • PfunkNH


      7 päeva tagasi

      @Justin P A+++++ on that one man lmfao

    • Justin P

      Justin P

      7 päeva tagasi

      Probably with your dad

    • PfunkNH


      8 päeva tagasi

      My first car was a contour SVT

    • The Whore's Whisperer

      The Whore's Whisperer

      26 päeva tagasi

      Was your sister drunk?

  • Tony Medrano

    Tony Medrano

    10 tundi tagasi

    My step uncles dad has a Dodge Viper from the 1sr gen, I saw it only once. seen it 16 years ago. It was a forest green color. I spoke to him a Jew years ago, he said he still has it

  • Mike Wilson fishin malarkey

    Mike Wilson fishin malarkey

    17 tundi tagasi

    So the contour is a mondeo st?

  • Joel Chung

    Joel Chung

    18 tundi tagasi

    LFA is #1 fasho

  • Reinhart Alvaro

    Reinhart Alvaro

    Päev tagasi

    Dodge Viper was just sad, it had Ford GT level quality for a much cheaper price but it was going up against the Corvette which was the car most people bought, probably bad marketing killed it......McLaren was super aggressive and now they're successful even though they started selling cars in 2010....

  • A Nobody

    A Nobody

    Päev tagasi

    Favorite quote “If you want to learn more about hell read the Bible” - James

  • John Birtchet-Sharpe

    John Birtchet-Sharpe

    Päev tagasi

    Contour SVT was a rebadged European/UK Mondeo ST24 (based on the touring car race series in Europe) and the RS escort comes from a long line of performance Escorts dating back from the 70's in the UK

  • James Brooks

    James Brooks

    Päev tagasi

    I watched this video yesterday and thought "man I want a bright blue Focus RS" and today I walk out my front door and there is a bright blue Focus RS parked right at my front steps, with a [HOONIGAN] license plate frame no less

  • ChemicalXII


    Päev tagasi

    Skip to 13:49 for Dodge Viper/thumbnail related information. These burying the lead/”clickbait" videos are not wholesome.

  • farley marly

    farley marly

    Päev tagasi

    In uk rs is legend status

  • Kirk Nelson

    Kirk Nelson

    Päev tagasi

    no kidding, I never heard of that chevy model before you told me. they really dropped the ball on marketing that one.

  • KL0Wn KiLLeR

    KL0Wn KiLLeR

    Päev tagasi

    I never even heard about the Chevy SS until I went looking for my current car (CTS-V). Had I known earlier I likely would have bought one.
    Speaking of buying without a test drive: When the new Supra came out I went to a Toyota dealership to maybe drive one. I walked in and asked the guy if they had one to drive. They were out of stock so I asked when they might have one to look at. He replied "Why, would you need to test drive a Ferrari?" Seriously. To which i replied "probably not but this is a Toyota" and walked out.🤣

  • Rawsick


    Päev tagasi

    Why did the GS line up at Lexus fail?

  • Southwestern Sports

    Southwestern Sports

    Päev tagasi

    Svt is also and acronym for a heart problem called supraventricular tachycardia

  • tom ALLX

    tom ALLX

    2 päeva tagasi

    That limp bizkit reference just killed me LMAO !!!

  • J’s Garage

    J’s Garage

    2 päeva tagasi

    Supercharged Baja? Never heard of it before

  • rainshdw08


    2 päeva tagasi

    I owned the original SVT Contour. 1998 build #1, Black. Miss that car!!!

  • Jadelea


    2 päeva tagasi

    Chev made a huge mistake to close Holden and stop production of a fantastic vehicle lineup. Although, if it came to 🇨🇦 I would buy one. However, only as a Holden. Living in Australia, I remember the Holden commodore had alot of pep. The styling got better and better from early nineties. I owned a Ford Falcon Ghia and it had cues from the mustang although 4 door. Weird. The Holden ute was a devil machine. The power, sound, and presence was a 100% cool!

  • Chris Wood

    Chris Wood

    2 päeva tagasi

    The Viper is just an ugly car.

  • Spectacular Spaghetti

    Spectacular Spaghetti

    2 päeva tagasi

    No one talking about that Avanti, crazy wierd looking car with crazy speed

  • kaden maxwell

    kaden maxwell

    3 päeva tagasi

    The “Kyle” impression/reference at 9:36 lmaoo

  • Alejandro Cruz

    Alejandro Cruz

    3 päeva tagasi

    I wish the lfa was the supra instead of the supra

  • Rob Griffith

    Rob Griffith

    3 päeva tagasi

    The Ford Focus RS and the Chevy SS are two of my favorite cars.

  • Kenshin Himura

    Kenshin Himura

    3 päeva tagasi

    Chevy SS failed because nobody knew it existed and it also looked like hot shit. Looks exactly like your grandpas Impala/malibu/ every other Chevy pos front wheel drive car of that era.

  • Zach


    3 päeva tagasi

    My neighbor has a Baja Turbo

  • E Kirby

    E Kirby

    4 päeva tagasi

    I don't know who this guy is but he is hilarious! I watch the videos just for his silliness and my love of cars.

  • Lunar Razor

    Lunar Razor

    4 päeva tagasi

    i died at the end.... im still gonna get a viper ACR at some point

  • Colonel H. Stinkmeaner

    Colonel H. Stinkmeaner

    4 päeva tagasi

    I like how all hippy products talk about those nasty chemicals...

  • emaciated !HOTROD!

    emaciated !HOTROD!

    4 päeva tagasi

    I would drive the hell out of a baja

  • Isaac Macey-Mornix

    Isaac Macey-Mornix

    5 päeva tagasi


  • Fazeless


    5 päeva tagasi

    Guess I'm lucky to have seen the Chrysler Airflow in my city.

  • Kevin Picard

    Kevin Picard

    5 päeva tagasi

    LOL I have a Focus RS, my neighbour has a viper, and 2 doors down has a 97X

  • 846nick


    5 päeva tagasi

    srt isnt dead

  • Riley Wilson

    Riley Wilson

    5 päeva tagasi

    I LOVE the Baja its such a dope little car!

  • Dan R

    Dan R

    5 päeva tagasi

    Contour wasn't a mid size. At best a compact or a large subcompact. The Studebaker Avanti is a beautiful car, you need to see on in person. Much better looking than the photos.

  • XxgalaxyxX1494


    5 päeva tagasi

    Ford had the worst car designs back in the mid-90s, especially the turtle Ford Taurus.

  • 1st Amendment Right

    1st Amendment Right

    5 päeva tagasi

    I could only find one Lexus LFA in Germany for sale.....799,999€

  • allensharp


    5 päeva tagasi

    I worked at a Chevy dealer for a year before I knew the SS existed.

  • Matthew Byrd

    Matthew Byrd

    6 päeva tagasi

    NASCAR “stock” cars are about the furthest away from stock racing you can get (not counting open-wheel, before everyone flips out, and starts bashing me).

  • ugug gugg

    ugug gugg

    6 päeva tagasi

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  • David Guthrie

    David Guthrie

    6 päeva tagasi

    He was talking about the avanti and how a company updated the looks in a kit. Right after he said "and here it is" it cut to the advertisement for the new electric hummer. 😂

  • Garryd Hintz

    Garryd Hintz

    6 päeva tagasi

    Fiat. The number 1 reason why dodge now firmly entrenched in the shit house. They killed the freaking viper! Only they could totally screw something that iconic.

  • Likeableshark4


    6 päeva tagasi

    The 5th gen viper sold so bad that they sold 2 vipers in 2020

  • K A

    K A

    7 päeva tagasi

    The Ford focus rs isn't a flop

  • Diego Ramirez

    Diego Ramirez

    7 päeva tagasi

    It'd be great if they slapped the v8 into the escape and offered the 2.3T from their mazda deal

  • Matthew Neary

    Matthew Neary

    7 päeva tagasi

    I beleive it was dodge that said everyone who wanted and could afford a viper already had one so there was no need to continue producing them. They even let roadkill destroy one to try to boost sales.

  • Lim Jack

    Lim Jack

    7 päeva tagasi

    If I had the money, I would 100% buy a viper

  • meme dream

    meme dream

    7 päeva tagasi

    Just letting y'all know, you messed up on the date for the LFA. It's from 2010-2012, not 2021.

  • B Patel

    B Patel

    7 päeva tagasi

    GM executives really aren't smart at all. They killed off Pontiac and Holden and left Buick and Cadillac, two old people brands. They didn't market the G8 or the SS. Why the hell would you introduce new products if you aren't going to market them?? Hell, even their own sales team barely knew anything about these cars. Back in 2009 my dad was looking to buy a new G8 GT so one day I stopped by our local Buick/GMC/Pontiac dealer and asked the first salesman I saw if I can take a look at the new G8's they have on their lot. His reply was "What is a G8? You mean a G6? We have plenty of those I can show you!" I mean how many bankruptcies would it need to go through before GM can get someone in there who actually has a functioning brain?

  • Robert Smith

    Robert Smith

    7 päeva tagasi

    So the baja is basically just a taller slightly lifted sedan without a lid to the trunk. Yeah idk. Im sure you could modify the shit out of it and make it pretty badass tho

  • 666dynomax


    7 päeva tagasi

    14:00 was waiting for the viper...

  • Oni


    7 päeva tagasi

    Can we talk about the fact that ss is a pretty sus badge

  • Mark Warren

    Mark Warren

    8 päeva tagasi

    Let's get real. Chevrolet or GM for that matter is run by a bunch of idiots. They wouldn't know how to market a 1 pound gold bar for $10. Unless it says Corvette on the car they don't give a rats ass.

  • Charles Burton

    Charles Burton

    8 päeva tagasi

    Well I want a SS but I don't have the CASH!!! My 2nd Ex had two contours but never the SVT version, this was also a CASH issue.

  • Tony Dinh

    Tony Dinh

    8 päeva tagasi

    Don't make me laugh, maybe they have a lot of power but they will breakdown

  • Tony Dinh

    Tony Dinh

    8 päeva tagasi

    American cars are shit 😂😂

  • Tony Dinh

    Tony Dinh

    8 päeva tagasi

    Show from now and now, they are useful

  • Tony Dinh

    Tony Dinh

    8 päeva tagasi

    Their trucks maybe but their engine is shit

  • Sylvia Gonzalez

    Sylvia Gonzalez

    8 päeva tagasi

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  • Eric Martindale

    Eric Martindale

    8 päeva tagasi

    This would have been a good video... if it was produced by ANY other channel.
    Thanks for reminding me why you don't have my sub.

  • Triggaman


    9 päeva tagasi

    But it looks soo good!

  • Hollywood Gaming

    Hollywood Gaming

    9 päeva tagasi

    If companies keep on selling electric remakes of cars I’m going to flip

  • Iain Hudson

    Iain Hudson

    9 päeva tagasi

    The contour svt in England is called the mondeo st24. Very popular back in the day.

  • James Mata

    James Mata

    10 päeva tagasi

    My uncle had a black svt contour. I thought it was the koolest ever 😂

  • LoliKami


    10 päeva tagasi

    Same thing pretty much happened with Civic Type R with dealers charging extra markups

  • TheChuckels123


    10 päeva tagasi

    so does hell = money

  • giobikefans


    10 päeva tagasi

    Had the RS when it launched. Was expensive for a Focus but loved it, alas trying to fit car seats in the back became a pain and the head gasket had to be replaced at 5000 miles!!! One day when the kids are out of car seats I’ll return to the world of fun cars.

  • giobikefans


    10 päeva tagasi

    Use the crisp IPA soap and try explaining that smell when you’re pulled over

  • Veer Maharaj

    Veer Maharaj

    10 päeva tagasi

    About the Focus RS, I say this about a lot of things like these, the people who can really use it for what its for, can never afford it. Its like old people buying fancy SUVs and they can't even figure out the bluetooth for handsfree calling.

  • obvious troll

    obvious troll

    10 päeva tagasi

    It's American. It's very unreliable.

  • Beaux Guidry

    Beaux Guidry

    10 päeva tagasi

    For the Subu. By modern, it looks like that means a plastic cladding of body armor.

  • MiiLK t

    MiiLK t

    11 päeva tagasi

    I almost cried when I saw "Saab"
    Then I cried when I saw the "Viper"

  • Mar Hag

    Mar Hag

    11 päeva tagasi

    Mazdaspeed6 needs to be on this list

  • Mandown666


    11 päeva tagasi

    The Viper is in hell. Uhhh like, was it suppose to go to heaven? Because that car was never associated with.... nice things.

  • Gary Eanes

    Gary Eanes

    11 päeva tagasi

    The Contour SVT was the single biggest POS vehicle I have ever owned.....by miles. The following all happened over the course of 18 months of ownership. 3 dashboards. Yup.....3. All replaced under recall. 9......NINE total alternators....all under warranty. Headliner collapsed after 6 months. Various interior trim pieces would fall off. Power steering failed and had to be replaced after 9 months. Firestone tires delaminated (right rear and front left). Paint on passenger front fender was peeling off and the roof was fading BAAAAAAD. I never drove the car hard at all as I never felt confident in it once. 10k miles is all I put on it in 18 months. Ford finally took it off my hands through a buy back and I got into an Acura Integra that I absolutely LOVED and experienced zero problems with. The Contour platform was an absolute nightmare for Ford. I've never owned another Ford product since and most likely never will again.

  • IHC Terra

    IHC Terra

    11 päeva tagasi

    Subaru should listen to Ron Swanson
    Don't half ass 2 things, whole ass 1 thing.

  • umar mushtaq

    umar mushtaq

    11 päeva tagasi

    Do an episode on MR2

  • Justin Ulrich

    Justin Ulrich

    11 päeva tagasi

    The viper isnt just in hell. It runs it.

  • macannah smith

    macannah smith

    12 päeva tagasi

    I am shocked the Pontiac G8 wasn’t on this list

  • Steven Mingura

    Steven Mingura

    12 päeva tagasi

    Had a 2015 SS, loved it.

  • itsyaboiii_


    12 päeva tagasi

    It sounds to me like the marketing teams, executives, or whatever do not know how to sell a car. I'm sad that there won't be any Ford RS' .

  • Eric Zetterlund

    Eric Zetterlund

    12 päeva tagasi

    Gotta be good and affordable

  • thepluraloftiger


    12 päeva tagasi

    Vodge Diper

  • ProjectX TV

    ProjectX TV

    13 päeva tagasi

    viper prices are creeping up.

  • Justin Craven

    Justin Craven

    13 päeva tagasi

    Dr. Squash is actually amazing you definitely should buy

  • Rick Stevens

    Rick Stevens

    13 päeva tagasi

    LFA is the best engineerd car ever built..

  • Nick Stessman

    Nick Stessman

    13 päeva tagasi

    If I could afford it I would still get an LFA. Best sounding car of all time!

  • MrTrip3ace


    13 päeva tagasi

    Sad to see the fate of the Viper. It was always one of the coolest cars to see on the road.

  • Alex Dolter

    Alex Dolter

    14 päeva tagasi

    Turn it into a trrrruuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk!

  • Chris Lemaster

    Chris Lemaster

    14 päeva tagasi

    Those Chevrolet SS were a a Caprice 9C1 Police package from 2010-2013

  • Will Kelly

    Will Kelly

    14 päeva tagasi

    Always skip to about the 3 min marker. Avoid the commercials.

  • Zephos


    15 päeva tagasi

    375,000$ for a Lexus that comes with no cup holders 🙃

  • tim kahn

    tim kahn

    15 päeva tagasi

    price .and try and find these cars for sale anyplace ? no can do.



    15 päeva tagasi

    Fun fact: another reason the viper was killed was because after 2017 all USA cars required side airbags and the way the chassis was designed simply could not accommodate that.

  • Clifford Unger

    Clifford Unger

    15 päeva tagasi

    8:25 eehhhhmmm me, i bought the focus rs 2009, without a test drive, and i dont regret anything. I still have my rs and its still a awesome driving machine

  • Max Gill

    Max Gill

    16 päeva tagasi

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  • Steve C

    Steve C

    16 päeva tagasi

    My 2010 Altima is the same as that contour

  • M Chris

    M Chris

    16 päeva tagasi

    I had a contour..... was no slouch.

  • Wes Christiaens

    Wes Christiaens

    16 päeva tagasi

    The focus rs is still available new in Europe. 😉

  • Josh Corley

    Josh Corley

    17 päeva tagasi

    “It’s like taking a bath, while cooking a steak”