Top 30 Frequently Asked Questions about Boris (Q&A)

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I asked on community tab for everyone to send me their biggest questions. I expected big results. I did not expect 2500+ comments though. I picked the top 30 most highly rated questions and answered them. As honestly as I can. There was questions about face reveal. There was questions about my origin and history. I reveal a lot of info. A lot of it is new info. These are the most frequently asked questions about Boris.
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Life of Boris
  • T-90


    4 tundi tagasi

    Boris i actually know Alisoviet he is in my discord ura to OUR Comerade!and i actually named Artyom also.

  • Paradøx Incøgnitø

    Paradøx Incøgnitø

    14 tundi tagasi

    Once my dad jumped in the snow with nothing but shorts and a T-Shirt on.
    Years later I constantly get scolded for walking around in the snow barefoot with shorts and a t-shirt to get snow just
    Just to eat
    The usual thing you do with snow

  • Wave Zee

    Wave Zee

    17 tundi tagasi

    Damn, been away for so long, didn't notice he changed intro again

  • Jyncarecat


    Päev tagasi

    Make a video of you just dancing with an ak

  • Binks The Soviet

    Binks The Soviet

    2 päeva tagasi

    That’s pretty rare for Estonian liking Russia instead of Finland how comes ?

  • Thiago V Odello

    Thiago V Odello

    2 päeva tagasi

    all the videos are funny, is it a talent or are you god?

  • Zerina Udvincic

    Zerina Udvincic

    2 päeva tagasi

    6:30 you say WHATEVER with gentle R. You speak english much better than you show hahaha you can speak good english but keep russian accent for videos

  • Liyangajay


    2 päeva tagasi

    Guys I think I can listen to him all day. He's so genuine. You have my respect

  • agent orange

    agent orange

    3 päeva tagasi

    8:16 people will crop this so fast

  • Bit the Proto

    Bit the Proto

    3 päeva tagasi

    17:22 maybe whittling?

  • Gemini.offline


    3 päeva tagasi

    I still miss the old intro

  • Jackieboi 4433

    Jackieboi 4433

    3 päeva tagasi

    It says that the video is taken in Leningrad, not sure if my device is old or not

  • Dongdaemun Inn John

    Dongdaemun Inn John

    4 päeva tagasi

    when you make "Chifir" and drink it! That will make you real man.

  • Bryan Clements

    Bryan Clements

    4 päeva tagasi

    How hard was it for you to learn all those languages? How did you go about learning them?

  • alex šindelář

    alex šindelář

    5 päeva tagasi

    12:21 plot twist - Vadim has been trying to communicate with Boris by drilling in morse code

  • 1st Amendment Right

    1st Amendment Right

    5 päeva tagasi

    You have akward white Jesus rough on the wall. So blin.

  • ChronoBaw


    6 päeva tagasi

    Argentina Review when?

  • apersonsomewhere


    6 päeva tagasi

    So many of us never send care packages back home but always buy Russian groceries etc. for a reason lol.



    7 päeva tagasi

    You speak Russia ir I crazy

    • COLER X

      COLER X

      7 päeva tagasi


  • AtomiRotta 101

    AtomiRotta 101

    7 päeva tagasi

    Question for Boris: Have you be in military?

  • Delaney Vaughn

    Delaney Vaughn

    7 päeva tagasi


  • LVK


    7 päeva tagasi

    I found this video funny, and it distracted me.

  • TV TV

    TV TV

    7 päeva tagasi

    Ill come back in 30 years. We will see Boris

  • Lickow3


    7 päeva tagasi

    Boris it is not Q&A it is FAQ (Fuck you)

  • MissHellhound


    8 päeva tagasi

    What, omg, where has your apartje intro gone 😭

  • TheRepti OfGod

    TheRepti OfGod

    8 päeva tagasi

    22:44 Literally all YouTube channels with over 3M subscribers

  • Philipp Haberland

    Philipp Haberland

    8 päeva tagasi

    I love that you can put on automatic Russian subtitles and YouTube ai tries to make Russian words out of your english

  • MI Tonmoy

    MI Tonmoy

    9 päeva tagasi

    we come for thumbnail and stau for the intro.

  • KolaPlayz


    9 päeva tagasi

    Хэлло мы слаv

  • Vlaky na SLOVENSKU a ZSR 181

    Vlaky na SLOVENSKU a ZSR 181

    9 päeva tagasi

    Bývaš, v tej istej bytovke, kde aj vlastníci kanála: ALTVEGA.

  • Slugino


    9 päeva tagasi

    Boris is such a bad ass name

  • NICK Sir

    NICK Sir

    10 päeva tagasi

    Vadim really want to annoy boris... hahaha

  • Mrspartan *

    Mrspartan *

    10 päeva tagasi

    There exists any queen of boris?..

  • Ky0l


    11 päeva tagasi

    Learn programming and only language English? No C++, C# or JavaScript? :D haha 🤙

  • Mr. lordsith

    Mr. lordsith

    11 päeva tagasi

    I never heard boris say shit before

  • Alodie


    12 päeva tagasi

    Here we see a Boris diagnosed with extra Slavism. 14:10

  • Дидар Мусабаев

    Дидар Мусабаев

    13 päeva tagasi

    А где русские субтитры? :(

  • BuggyInvader


    13 päeva tagasi

    He has padded armour for walls. He is very protective against crusaders.

  • Rock Parrot

    Rock Parrot

    13 päeva tagasi

    yes socks on

  • Patrick Star

    Patrick Star

    14 päeva tagasi

    hi u

  • Flóki


    14 päeva tagasi

    What happened to WeSlav store?

  • bork


    14 päeva tagasi

    With this Gaming chair you will win everyround lol

  • A hotdog 1

    A hotdog 1

    14 päeva tagasi

    karens cant wear a simple mask for 15 minutes while boris wears a heave mask for years on end

  • eMPeBe


    15 päeva tagasi

    Are you stupid or are you faking it?

  • MKN81


    15 päeva tagasi

    His reason for covering his face is similar to Daft Punk.

  • Just A Falcon

    Just A Falcon

    15 päeva tagasi

    The thing you’re talking about is either woodworking or waddling

  • SteelScream88


    15 päeva tagasi

    Why did you move away from Estonia ?

  • just_a_sad_song


    16 päeva tagasi

    Did Boris loose weight? 🤔

  • Хочешь Жить - Умей Вертеться

    Хочешь Жить - Умей Вертеться

    16 päeva tagasi


  • Iris the beast

    Iris the beast

    16 päeva tagasi

    Привет Борис

  • MK1400


    17 päeva tagasi

    No one asked if there's a Mrs Boris? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Vadim Kalinski

    Vadim Kalinski

    17 päeva tagasi

    Why do I feel so personally attacked?

  • Tactical Loli

    Tactical Loli

    17 päeva tagasi

    Why did you move to russia from estonia?

  • A man with no sense of humor

    A man with no sense of humor

    18 päeva tagasi


  • DannyTe


    18 päeva tagasi

    You're my hero!!

  • SubwaySweden


    18 päeva tagasi

    If Vladimir is married he is drilling the same hole, if Vladimir is singel he is drilling different holes.... simple, blyat, da

  • Annihilator X

    Annihilator X

    19 päeva tagasi

    ਸੀਂஃEక్णଧୋતzlávدфоҳиள்వేశ్యвянсьეძავआपاسĐồbugqili XDDDDDDDD

  • Snow б

    Snow б

    19 päeva tagasi

    What’s the background music?

  • Ghost_Moose07


    19 päeva tagasi

    My real name is Sergei 🤙
    So I can be your new cameraman xaxa

    • Ghost_Moose07


      19 päeva tagasi

      Lol I’m so late

  • Erick Bin

    Erick Bin

    20 päeva tagasi


  • Thomas Preston

    Thomas Preston

    20 päeva tagasi

    the moment of silence was hilarious

  • InnannasRainbow


    20 päeva tagasi

    What is the most popular pet in Russia? I have two little dogs, a cat and a snake. Fuck this so called pandemic, I do what I want. When does summer usually come to your part of the world and what is the average temperature?

  • random eddie

    random eddie

    20 päeva tagasi

    20:27 "How do you cook with a Kalashnikov?"
    If you rapidfire it with a 75 round RPK drum loaded with bimetal jacketed ammo the barrel gets hot enough to cook any bit of your flesh that happens to touch it. If you were to remove the handguard and gas tube cover it may expose enough of the barrel to cook some sort of food.

  • riley phillips

    riley phillips

    20 päeva tagasi

    youtube says this is recored in saint petersburg

  • Lime


    20 päeva tagasi

    Привет boris plz keep making videos ur soo funny and a very good YouTuber I’ve already subscribe and if you read this ur are amazing

  • Alex baiden

    Alex baiden

    20 päeva tagasi


  • Monster-Jam-Fan


    20 päeva tagasi

    *b o r i s*

  • all pixels matter

    all pixels matter

    20 päeva tagasi

    4:13 the real question is
    can you cook with a T34?

  • Diclonius86


    21 päev tagasi

    Wusste gar nicht dass Du Deutsch kannst blyat!😆
    Grüsse aus der Schweiz.

  • The Rolling Dutchman

    The Rolling Dutchman

    21 päev tagasi

    Dear Boris: Is this your actual everyday voice and accent or is it just a mockup for the series. Also, why do your hands appear so soft and lotiony? Where is vodka stained, cold blistered gopnik wear and tear I was expecting?

  • VodkaBottl


    21 päev tagasi

    Vadim followed you from Estonia?, The friendship is unbelievable.

  • BlockSystem


    21 päev tagasi

    *3 Drill noises from 3 directions*
    Vadim: those are rookie numbers cyka

  • K1


    22 päeva tagasi

    There's no proof whatsoever except from bots. There's no single video on gaming in the most popular videos section



    22 päeva tagasi

    BIGGEST QUESTION: WHEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO SEE UR FACE?! its a true mystery that NEEDS no...MUST be solved!
    other question: were you home at this time? if so we can see your in saint Petersburg ;-;
    im sorry i just keep getting questions, have you ever been to america and if you did what was it like as a Russian going to another country that's completely different. also how has your grammar for English been going because over the years we all have seen progression! and ive sent couple messages on different messages but what is it like for an american in Russia?

  • Max Pro Gamer

    Max Pro Gamer

    22 päeva tagasi

    When is babushka reveal coming out?
    And face reveal too please

  • Ollstream


    23 päeva tagasi

    eye reveal when?

  • Ian Mayer

    Ian Mayer

    23 päeva tagasi

    Plot Twist: Boris is the squatting guy next to the building on Poland country review

  • Anthony Le

    Anthony Le

    23 päeva tagasi

    Question for Boris
    Is your gun or if it isn’t functioning like can it shoot or is it a dummy gun

  • Travelling World

    Travelling World

    23 päeva tagasi


  • Darkman


    23 päeva tagasi

    boris can you make a german only video or something idk it will be funny anyways no matter what you do you are comedy king

  • TytoAlbaSoren


    23 päeva tagasi

    Anybody know what Boris video that is from where he burn shaslik on tree in intro?

  • bdavenger13


    24 päeva tagasi

    What about Stardew, ya Boris ?

  • G's garage

    G's garage

    24 päeva tagasi

    How do you grow a ak-47 tree?

  • lilly


    24 päeva tagasi

    Listen how about a collaboration with Misha and Sergei from @kallmekriss and you can hack into the pentagon from the world's cheapest computer 🤗😂

  • Forcey


    24 päeva tagasi


  • FierceMotorworks


    24 päeva tagasi

    Now you are back in Russia, could you make collaboration video with russian car channel Garage 54? They have many Lada's for testing purposes

  • Winter_soldier426


    25 päeva tagasi

    I just got my ushanka and a balaclava

  • Jake Przepiorka-may

    Jake Przepiorka-may

    25 päeva tagasi

    21:44 that was wholesome

  • Jorg Washing Machine

    Jorg Washing Machine

    26 päeva tagasi

    One of our farm cats have a kitten that looked exactly like Ayrtom so his name is now Ayrtom.

  • Moha Wahe

    Moha Wahe

    26 päeva tagasi

    You dont sit in the right way

  • Justine


    26 päeva tagasi

    Omg when I was a kid me and my cousin used to do wood cutting as well. We just had a pocket knife so in my case it was more wood carving lol. I kinda miss it

  • Random Ñēss

    Random Ñēss

    26 päeva tagasi

    Where do you buy your mayonnaise?

  • Snoop Dogg

    Snoop Dogg

    26 päeva tagasi

    make a video in german blyat

  • dimpledchimpy


    26 päeva tagasi

    drinking russian standard vodka as i watch this

  • NovemberZulu 118

    NovemberZulu 118

    27 päeva tagasi

    I would have loved to meet you without knowing it one day, just so I can have the biggest smile from my mind being blown

  • Travelling World

    Travelling World

    27 päeva tagasi

    You see, during world war people were literally starving and couldn't enjoy good food, during soviet era people had to queue in cold weather just to buy basic products and now people can enjoy sunny island and good food in winter

  • IS-7


    27 päeva tagasi

    2000 registered only a hundred arrived sounds like UPS but it’s Estonian

  • TenAte108


    27 päeva tagasi

    Boris, are you planning to marry anytime soon?

  • Topkekx mit X nicht S

    Topkekx mit X nicht S

    27 päeva tagasi

    Well, i can say i am pretty lucky for being Born in germany, having russian parents and learing english in school anyways! I can speak fluent... well not perfect english, russian and german with a little bit of japanese. But what i wanted to say was, if you learn german as first language you will have it much easier at learning other languages. As far i know, german is the hardest language to learn. Even japanese has three Alphabets and i still think german is harder!

  • Renee Vanzandt

    Renee Vanzandt

    27 päeva tagasi

    I love your videos Boris