Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #5

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Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #5
Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
React quickly to find the imposter
Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

Clash Universe
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    0:01 only idiots will wait in elec for that long

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    0:00 but what if the players get sus because you took so long to fisnish

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    Can you make call of duty tip and trick videos i really want to get better at it

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    Fact : mirahq is the only map without security cams

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    i was a crewmate and i won every round

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    fact : when ur imposter beware of clash

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    Fun fact: when I join someone's room its always full but when I am host I am alone

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    I love these videos because there is no intro and we never get bored while starting 😄

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    Pov: you're not early, you're just on time

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    When you are so late you don’t know what to say

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    Me: sees someone vent
    *goes to call an emergency meeting*
    Also me: forgets the colour

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    How many times did he said hence. Wete not in a chicken farm bro

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    who is seeing the chat like me to see if the tips works?😂

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    If u r impostor and someone call a meeting say red sus when someone say proof say the memes say it and memes never lies lol🤣🤣 I tried this nd I won the game sorry my English is kharab🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Some big Melanie Martinez fan or something-

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    Me: **sees somebody do the power tithing at the beginning to the game**
    Me: Its white
    Lime: Ur sus



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    This is the best and smartest video I've ever seen! You deserve congratulations! I've made you a sub! Keep up the perfect job!
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    I try out these tricks & they worked. I wish I would give these channel a hundred stars

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    Wow so many good tips..

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    This red splash means this is a blood splash

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    I luv among us



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    also to vent to places quicker just vent to the nearest place and jump out then back in

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    Hello how do i *vent as a crewmate* ? i see my friend doing it all the time

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    Sometimes when people do a task, they could accidentally close the task so they have to redo it and others would think it’s way to much time when the crewmate was standing there and probably think that the crewmate was an imposter

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    Graveyard and electrical are the same thing

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    Nobita from Doraemon
    Pokemon from Pokemon

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    I was a Noob but after watching this video l became a Pro in among us

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    0:16 so that the imposter kill us

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    How you get pirates

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    The first helped me to make the task!

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    When impostor finishes someone with tongue, tongue is same color as an imposter.

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    Roses are red
    Voilets are blue
    go to electrical in the skeld

    then its bye bye to you 🔪👁️👄👁️💧

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    Your Mind: I need to finish my electrical tasks as fast as i can
    Clash Universe: You can do this task easier by waiting

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    Love your tips

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    I like how the other players are Naruto characters

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    4:56 doesn't really work in smart lobbies. Blue is gonna think that white is safe because they didnt kill him. Instead sabotage the door immediately when the crewmate comes out. The crewmate will think that its lag and sus the crewmate inside.

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    Myth:when u go beside the shelter in storage on the top wall your name will disappear

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    The spaceship is not a planet

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    Me when Im a crewmate: Impostors win....Every, single, time, Ish
    Me when Im FINALLY an impostor: everyone leaves and I kill litterally nobody -_-

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    1st task will make you sus tbh

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    While sprinting you open settings your player will continue sprinting without touching the joystick also

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    In mirror HQ AND YOU are a ghost go to admin and go behind the admin and only you name will show

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    And if someone vents from electrical to security so u know how it is after he kill u and u

    F I N I S H 🤣

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    Standing in hallways can be a mistake. You can be killed

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    now wait a second the names of the among us payers are from the show naruto 1 saskue 2 kakashi 3 might guy witch is rock lee's sensei like if you agree

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    "Sound decreases when you go further away from the plant"
    Skeld isn't a planet.

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