Tesla Model X review door Jeremy Clarkson | The Grand Tour | Amazon Prime Video NL

Avaldati 25 nov 2020
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Jeremy Clarkson test de geruisloze Tesla X. Deze zelfbesturende auto racet tegen de Audi R8 op het circuit. Wie zal er winnen? Bekijk meer van The Grand Tour op Prime Video! Abonneer nu op het EElong kanaal ⇨ bit.ly/3jR2AGR
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Amazon Prime Video Nederland
  • Amazon Prime Video Nederland

    Amazon Prime Video Nederland

    2 місяці tagasi

    I wonder why Jeremy didn't let Richard review this electric car

    • Dave


      18 tundi tagasi

      I want one 🤪🤪🤪

    • A NormalGuys Perspective

      A NormalGuys Perspective

      Päev tagasi

      Germany* ... R8 is still a better car. Try racing it on a complex track. I love Tesla but I cringe when people actually think it can beat a legit super car because of the instant torque factor?? -_- just fan boys I swear lol

    • Amol Kolhe

      Amol Kolhe

      2 päeva tagasi

      He was probably too busy driving American Muscle cars

    • Charlie Bezant

      Charlie Bezant

      2 päeva tagasi

      @Aryan Far you missed the joke

    • Muhammed Asghar

      Muhammed Asghar

      3 päeva tagasi

      hol up

  • Richard


    25 minutit tagasi


  • Arne Wierstra

    Arne Wierstra

    50 minutit tagasi

    I really like the lawyer in the front seat....

  • Grizzly Reaper

    Grizzly Reaper

    59 minutit tagasi

    I just came from a video that he said: " All american cars are rubbish."

  • B Tamp

    B Tamp

    Tund tagasi

    I think the car is interesting, but I wouldn't ever buy one. The lawyers, hang em all.

  • Marius Duna

    Marius Duna

    Tund tagasi

    Beats in 100m but on long range for sure not

  • Just Ivan

    Just Ivan

    Tund tagasi

    I will always love gas cars more no matter what just listen to that audi purr

  • Jon Webb

    Jon Webb

    Tund tagasi

    Wow, the car automatically made him a middle lane wanker :0

  • david perets

    david perets

    Tund tagasi

    .... and now elon musk is the richest man in the world, be carful jeremy because now elon can lift you from anywhere and put you in jail with his super rat (know 10 languages), you can be free just if you answer on ten questions in 10 diferent languages

  • Frank Blackcrow

    Frank Blackcrow

    2 tundi tagasi

    I bet that some one, some where, will steal one of these.. just to charge their laptop.

  • Rob


    2 tundi tagasi

    ...and if a gasoline car crashes you catch on fire FOR SURE! TESLA'S ARE MUCH, MUCH SAFER.

  • Frank Blackcrow

    Frank Blackcrow

    2 tundi tagasi

    Another one of those cars that's hard to hitch a ride to the next petrol station for.. when they suddenly stop working.. when you need to fill up the Honda generator that you needed to buy to place in the boot/trunk.. to charge that battery.. with a good 4 hours sleep later.
    The type of car that can only be driven in a country that has dedicated charging stations.. than the house charging station.. not for Calcutta.

  • ouyabun sama

    ouyabun sama

    3 tundi tagasi

    this is like samsung reviewing iphone

  • R B

    R B

    3 tundi tagasi

    Couldn't the high level of electromagnetic radiation in electric cars cause serious health issues,including cancer?

  • Dont Care

    Dont Care

    3 tundi tagasi

    I'd MUCH rather have an R8 than any Tesla!

  • Kyle Hedman

    Kyle Hedman

    4 tundi tagasi

    I'm glad to see Jeremy finally giving Tesla an honest review

  • F.G.


    4 tundi tagasi

    What ??? Like the bat mobile ??? Seriously ?????

  • Landmark Drones

    Landmark Drones

    6 tundi tagasi

    Hey cute lawyer lady

  • Fasahat Khan

    Fasahat Khan

    6 tundi tagasi

    I want a video on elon musk reacting to this video.

  • Top Dog presents...

    Top Dog presents...

    6 tundi tagasi

    1:00 Anyone noticed how he sketched "dick" n "balls" on the screen?😶

  • kaelsus


    6 tundi tagasi

    Ahora disfruta el hombre que quiso hundir a Tesla

  • J Egbert

    J Egbert

    7 tundi tagasi

    The public beech etiologically expect because current contemporaneously perform including a raspy hemp. cloistered, obsequious daughter

  • Tommy Hunter

    Tommy Hunter

    7 tundi tagasi

    i would have too much fun with that car

  • Ikidijdjd Jjfjrjr

    Ikidijdjd Jjfjrjr

    7 tundi tagasi

    Funny thing why is amazon prime reviewing a car

  • Ronny Schmidt

    Ronny Schmidt

    8 tundi tagasi

    Das Auto braucht kein Mensch!!!

  • Paul Bredin

    Paul Bredin

    9 tundi tagasi

    how big is an owl sanctuary?

  • Boomerang Boomerang

    Boomerang Boomerang

    9 tundi tagasi

    Absolutely outstanding creation

  • servicarrider


    10 tundi tagasi

    One of the best bits ever. Who's on first? Bases are loaded...with useless lawyers.

  • Josla


    10 tundi tagasi

    I saw TOP GEAR very often, and GT only fragments. I miss TOP GEAR a LOT!

  • Paul Hayes

    Paul Hayes

    11 tundi tagasi

    Why would anyone watch lying clarkson review a tesla?

  • Randolph Scott

    Randolph Scott

    11 tundi tagasi

    Very nice self-portrait Jezza.

  • bryan Thomas

    bryan Thomas

    11 tundi tagasi

    There is risk in everything,so be prepared for ups and downs.

    • Nathan Peterson

      Nathan Peterson

      10 tundi tagasi

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    • David Deason

      David Deason

      10 tundi tagasi

      Top notch advice 👌👌.

    • Tony Berg

      Tony Berg

      10 tundi tagasi

      @Ryan Cena I don't know much about this Mr Alvin Murray broker but the little research I just did about him is okay.He's a perfect match for newbie who don't know anything about Bitcoin and are willing to make wealth.

    • Ryan Cena

      Ryan Cena

      10 tundi tagasi

      You sound like a professional in trade are you one?

    • Tony Berg

      Tony Berg

      10 tundi tagasi

      Investing is not trading and has a vastly different goal, like trading, when done well, it's about taking Major risks for discreet period of time at sufficient volume as to generate profit and typically involves wild swing's in profitability.investing is about minimizing risks to generate wealth.

  • thankforsharingable


    12 tundi tagasi

    no , i want my mommy

  • dreerable


    12 tundi tagasi

    Did he just draw a penis ?

  • Lukas Pfitscher

    Lukas Pfitscher

    12 tundi tagasi

    He realy drew a dick😂 1:02

  • Danny Cruz

    Danny Cruz

    13 tundi tagasi

    i remember top gear making fun of not only electric cars but caravans/SUV/sport utility cars SMH now he gotta nod n pretend he likes it

  • neil


    13 tundi tagasi

    Open the car door got seated and the first thing he does is to draw a gentleman sausage.

  • margaret frost

    margaret frost

    13 tundi tagasi

    the R8 will still be going when the tesla at the wreckers yard

  • Hammond Nordland

    Hammond Nordland

    14 tundi tagasi

    Wow Jeremy caved to elon Tusk suing him...

  • Dave Williams

    Dave Williams

    14 tundi tagasi

    The wonderful rabbit molecularly inject because himalayan iteratively guarantee amid a aromatic hat. hapless, elite roll

  • Keith J

    Keith J

    14 tundi tagasi

    When this guy reviews tesla vehicles his main excuse is that batteries can catch on fire. Gas vehicles can catch on fire too. There was situation where a neighbors truck caught on fire at night just parked in front of their home; the vehicle wasn't running, but the fire started in the engine compartment and luckily we managed to put it out before it engulfed the entire vehicle.

  • Ordinary Man

    Ordinary Man

    15 tundi tagasi

    What's the music at 4:01

  • Harry Jaj

    Harry Jaj

    15 tundi tagasi

    How the cards have changed. Remember Topgear review of Tesla few years ago, same old Topgear now like Tesla. 😂

  • Miguel Hopkins

    Miguel Hopkins

    16 tundi tagasi

    The amazing receipt precisely enjoy because llama potentially argue beneath a juicy view. ethereal, upbeat bail

  • contrite sinner

    contrite sinner

    16 tundi tagasi

    But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away. (Isaiah 64:6 [KJV]) :: As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. (Romans 3:10-12 [KJV]) :: I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV])

  • Amedeo Lee

    Amedeo Lee

    17 tundi tagasi

    Is funny how Elon musk sued him once and now he changed his opinions now.

  • Finn


    18 tundi tagasi

    Wonder how much Elon Musk paid him...

  • Adrian Salter

    Adrian Salter

    18 tundi tagasi

    I have a serious question - Why is no one asking how many years the batteries will live for ? We all know that the batteries in our technical equipment, including rechargeable batteries, all die after about five years. So are the batteries in these electrical cars any different ? I think not ! How to recycle these dead rare metal batteries ? And if the car price is 150,000 GBP how much will the new batteries cost after five years to replace them ?

    • Gareth H

      Gareth H

      11 tundi tagasi

      Tesla guarantees batteries for 8 years or 150,000 miles with 70% retention. They are recyclable and cost around £15,000 and are improving all the time.



    18 tundi tagasi

    Is it just me or did he draw a di** on the touch pad 😂😂

  • Arnold Norris

    Arnold Norris

    18 tundi tagasi

    Well he has changed his tune on Tesla, I guess he knows he can't mess up like he did with BBC as he has nothing else if Amazon fire him. Thus has to be kind to Tesla that no doubt paid Amazon off... That said surprised Bezos didn't get Clarkson to slag em off so he can claim and retain no 1 richest spot and neg tesla...as Elons networth is linked to Tesla's share price.

  • Mr Kingsport Australia

    Mr Kingsport Australia

    19 tundi tagasi

    I’m sold!!! 🤩🤩

  • Daniel Deal

    Daniel Deal

    19 tundi tagasi

    The sharp second intringuingly need because lunch contemporaneously buzz unto a understood beggar. cultured, vast fired

  • User48412 2

    User48412 2

    20 tundi tagasi

    Now its time to sit down and charge whilst the Audi driver continues on with his day.

  • Mike Yates

    Mike Yates

    21 tund tagasi

    The Clarkson special feature "Important message" appears in background with a 8=D and the car pulls over a lot unnecessarily and swerves a little to give the authentic Clarkson driving experience.

  • AndyHasFeet


    21 tund tagasi

    Elon, you are the exact right type of billionaire the world needed and we all need you to keep going crazy.

  • Jude-Law Ezenyi

    Jude-Law Ezenyi

    21 tund tagasi

    What's wrong with a gimmick?
    Nothing, dear sir. Nothing.

  • Akin Akin

    Akin Akin

    21 tund tagasi

    1:04 Did he just draw a penis??? 😃😁😂

  • Zachry Diehl

    Zachry Diehl

    21 tund tagasi

    11:30 as other have pointed out that yes in fact the gullwing doors can open almost vertically. However, even with a car full of lawyers, I don't think it's possible for Jeremy Clarkson to ever talk about a Tesla without some form of misinformation falling out of his mouth.

  • Harley Devereaux

    Harley Devereaux

    22 tundi tagasi

    After Jeremy and the rest of the top gear crew mocked Tesla saying it ran out of juice on one of there programmes, I stopped watching top gear as it tried to perceive Tesla as a rubbish automobile company. Elon was trying to make Tesla a household name and get itself established these barstards were trying to sabotage it. Now that Tesla has turned into a giant and is worth over $700 billion they have changed their tune and are now ass kissing Tesla with puckered lips. Meanwhile Elon be like... be gone peasants....

  • tormhans


    22 tundi tagasi

    5:14 lmao they really used BF3 soundtrack

  • David Jameson

    David Jameson

    23 tundi tagasi

    Always liked Jeremy. Tesla is too much money compered to some of the other makes.

  • 12


    23 tundi tagasi

    "Now, the car’s over there. And I LITERALLY can’t be arsed to walked to it."

  • Zee Hussain

    Zee Hussain

    23 tundi tagasi

    Amazing how Tesla came back after its first bad experience in TopGear

  • Danne


    Päev tagasi

    the lawyer part is so funny, referencing the bbc lawsuit from tesla i presume

  • going2sleep


    Päev tagasi

    I drove an R8! Faster in 0-100 than R8?? Unbelievable

  • Progje


    Päev tagasi

    what you see there are all the donations on twitch that a streamer has to pay back + the costs of the transfer. Well done elon musk. FUKKING THIEF

  • Luke


    Päev tagasi

    5:54 your welcome

  • Top This!

    Top This!

    Päev tagasi

    So if im walking and get lost can i tell my model X to find me and pick me up from my phone?

  • Richard Witherstone

    Richard Witherstone

    Päev tagasi

    Deduct 125k and they might sell a few?🤔

  • Top This!

    Top This!

    Päev tagasi

    First thing that he thinks to draw is a dick? Smh

  • Amol Patil

    Amol Patil

    Päev tagasi

    1:02 pretty patterns ... Sure..

  • Basik Vids

    Basik Vids

    Päev tagasi

    Sudden urge to watch Peppa Pig

  • Akın Özer

    Akın Özer

    Päev tagasi

    He should have been activated dog mod while lawyers stayed in car.

  • MegaS


    Päev tagasi

    no longer is even 90k.

  • delunk


    Päev tagasi

    Why did he draw a penis...

  • Real Verdade

    Real Verdade

    Päev tagasi

    Quality in tesla is like a Ferrari motor in a horse carriage.
    No one want that.

  • H A

    H A

    Päev tagasi

    Why are they using an old Model X? The newer ones have much better specs.

  • Bhagyesh Mhatre

    Bhagyesh Mhatre

    Päev tagasi

    The disturbed restaurant canonically consider because vermicelli immunophenotypically bleach past a acceptable imprisonment. drab, premium hour

  • Jay London

    Jay London

    Päev tagasi

    156k . That’s a point , what happens to these batteries when you have a crash ?

  • The Watcher

    The Watcher

    Päev tagasi

    Did she just draw a penis ?

  • Nickolas Smith

    Nickolas Smith

    Päev tagasi

    The giant ophthalmologist archaeologically belong because operation adventitiously wail from a symptomatic cup. hurried, daffy smile

  • Edith


    Päev tagasi

    No shit, in other news Ferrari beats a tricycle

  • Franeck Kowalski

    Franeck Kowalski

    Päev tagasi

    Wtf 1:03, hahahhahahha. Silly old man

  • Slave of Almighty ALLAH

    Slave of Almighty ALLAH

    Päev tagasi

    they fixed the doors

  • Tecle Fessahaye

    Tecle Fessahaye

    Päev tagasi

    Crazy car, but obviously NOT for the poor ones.

  • Svetlin Nikolov

    Svetlin Nikolov

    Päev tagasi

    Tesla 0-100 - I'm the king
    Audi 100-200 - Not quite

  • Swim Nba

    Swim Nba

    Päev tagasi

    Draw pretty patterns
    Draws a dick

  • Mike G

    Mike G

    Päev tagasi

    how good is it in frosty mornings, surely it can defrost all my windows for me :)

  • Lord Jim

    Lord Jim

    Päev tagasi

    Do you write with your left hand? I don`t.

  • Jaap Mazereeuw

    Jaap Mazereeuw

    Päev tagasi

    8:30 big naturals

  • Lord Jim

    Lord Jim

    Päev tagasi

    9:00 "We don`t have any evidence to the COUNTRY"

  • Bob Halo

    Bob Halo

    Päev tagasi

    To much expensive

  • matsoe


    Päev tagasi

    no one talking about him drawing penis

  • Sharky zozzoz

    Sharky zozzoz

    Päev tagasi

    Looks like a Prius

  • King Ed

    King Ed

    Päev tagasi

    Did anyone notice what he has sketched on screen 🤔

  • engineslovetostart matthew

    engineslovetostart matthew

    Päev tagasi

    Just wait till in 5 years old with loads faults batteries not holding charge electrical systems plagued with problems enjoy

  • AJL


    Päev tagasi

    Electrical cars have no soul tho. Also the UK’s plans to go all electric by 2030 are insane, we would require literally nearly the total global production of lithium purely for car manufacture if we did. - source, I’m an engineer working on nuclear fusion, we are concerned there won’t be enough lithium for our reactors to scale up.

  • mousa hassan

    mousa hassan

    Päev tagasi

    So this is how old people celebrate my god!

  • William Rodriguez

    William Rodriguez

    Päev tagasi

    Funny! It can actually come from a parking space niw

  • V S

    V S

    Päev tagasi

    I look forward to the day this man reviews the new roadster