Minecraft, But We Can't See Our Health...

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Minecraft, But We Can't See Our Health... This was super nerve-wracking... We could never see how much health we had!
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This is a Minecraft 1.16 Texture Pack where we are unable to see our health! This made the game much more difficult because we were unable to see how many hearts we lost when we took damage. This made fighting even the simplest of mobs a challenge and not easy to do! I really enjoy doing these types of challenges with my friends because they are super fun

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    • Shay Higginbotham

      Shay Higginbotham

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      sapnap i am so mad at you you killed the FOX

    • peachtea ト依ど

      peachtea ト依ど

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      It's been 2 months now Sap! :( When are you going to re-upload? No pressure! Take your time, just wondering! Have a great time! ^^ and no more cow killing cuz Tommy GoN GO CrAZYy

    • Duane_ PH

      Duane_ PH

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      Sapnap ay lovo you am james

    • Corolla Car

      Corolla Car

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      Γειά Spanap και ναι Έλληνας είμαι και σε βλέπω

    • travon parker

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  • Unecery


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    Plot twist: they were in creative the whole time

  • hades_ beast

    hades_ beast

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    I don't know why , Sapnap's 'Tactical Fishing' achievement didn't showed up in the chat box but George's 'Acquire Hardware' achievement showed up. I think Sapnap has already played this world or used cheats because using cheats will turn off achievements.

  • Liyana Bari

    Liyana Bari

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    0:56 I literally just watched that video and I was so confused what video I was watching

  • Becket Howard

    Becket Howard

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    Can you,dream,George,and bad do a let’s play with this

  • - Meat Jesus -

    - Meat Jesus -

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    When you not watching on November 3rd

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    H ELLO

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  • Kayla Willard

    Kayla Willard

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    George is the biggest complainer

  • Bae Malachi

    Bae Malachi

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    Alternate tital: Minecraft but... YOLO

  • Licy Artymer

    Licy Artymer

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    Watching George and Sapnap being nice to each other instead of killing and yelling at each other is so weird...

  • Keluarga Pakpahan

    Keluarga Pakpahan

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    Saps i want to get the toy i,m a kid and my mom didnt know whats the toy so i thing it is already gone😭😭😭😭😭

  • Its Over Anakin I Have The High Ground

    Its Over Anakin I Have The High Ground

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    Hi sapnap

  • TheSaladPot


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    I genuinely feel bad for the baby hoglin

  • Leaf


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    Dream, Sapnap, And George make the exact same intros lol

  • Podgy Panda

    Podgy Panda

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    Hey everyone!! If you are reading this could you please tell me if you know how to protect yourself with a shield ON XBOX!! Please help

  • poppy


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    Rewatching this video for the millionth time

  • DailyGamerOmg


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    When George said “oh it’s a trash cave” that shit stung ouch. He’s becoming an American, abandoning British culture. Very upsetting

  • The Awesome Gamer

    The Awesome Gamer

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    sapnap: we r better then dream
    also sapnap: *cant make a portal*

  • Leo Turnbull

    Leo Turnbull

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    Imagine not being able to one shot a skeleton with a stone axe
    This post was made by Java gang

  • olive huxley

    olive huxley

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    why do i find this video so wholesome 🙃

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  • Miley & Rylee

    Miley & Rylee

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    They're popping off!!

  • Cookie Fox

    Cookie Fox

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    Poor dream you guys are talking cap about him lol its kinda true

  • Xtroyed


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    Hear me out, they add infinite health.

  • turtletrain


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    George's TRUE fear is not knowing his hunger

  • Anastasia Vermeulen

    Anastasia Vermeulen

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    5:19 killed me.

  • Sam Gray

    Sam Gray

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    sapnap: adorable chaos
    gogy: the sidekick
    dream: the big brain
    bad: adorable muffin/leader of manhunts
    ant: the resource monkey/cat/muffin
    ass: clenched
    hotel: trivago

  • UmarGamer


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    Good video! George is acting a little rude. LOL

  • XxKingCorpsexX


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    How come they always get the best nether. mines is just narrow open space and I never find fortresses lmao there hella lucky

  • Michael Laylay

    Michael Laylay

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    Don't subscribe

    Fundie is dead!!!

  • naras.imhan.


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    he had a fire res potion with him and he was freaking about about the lava lmao what

  • Extremelightning


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  • Rainbows 27_03

    Rainbows 27_03

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    Snapnap in other vids: treating his health like trash and completely ignoring it
    Him in this vid: gets hit by zombie and has an emotional breakdown

  • sapphire


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    dream watching this like 👁️💧👄💧👁️
    this is a cringe comment why did i make it

  • Itamar


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  • Anja Rogers’s vlog channel

    Anja Rogers’s vlog channel

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    Hey sapnap I noticed people are body shaming you and being rude! And that probably the reason you stoped face can just to let you know not to listen to them and your amazing and we love you!!

  • Mado Gilbert

    Mado Gilbert

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    My mans needs to post already

  • Archana Chandrakar

    Archana Chandrakar

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    Sapnap can you say dream to add WildingMold7814 in dream smp pls

  • karmas fool

    karmas fool

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    "he knows-"
    *literally gets an ad that says "hes never going to know*

  • Tenma Ark

    Tenma Ark

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    Once that bible open read the versus to me back

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  • Carlo Rodriguez

    Carlo Rodriguez

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    You are a bad friend to dream

  • snep nep

    snep nep

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    i just figured out that our name are almost the same XD

  • Haniya Nawab

    Haniya Nawab

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    He deleted all the videos with his face cam ;(

  • Shatasha Ladd

    Shatasha Ladd

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  • Shatasha Ladd

    Shatasha Ladd

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  • Coke master

    Coke master

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    What the huk

  • lucky is awsome

    lucky is awsome

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    Omg-why do everybody sound depressed from the dream smp 👁👄👁☠️

  • • Deadly Martin •

    • Deadly Martin •

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    I love you sapnap ❤

  • i_9FR .x

    i_9FR .x

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    Sapnap i love you 🥰

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    Wait sapnap tommy has more subs then you

  • Duck rekt

    Duck rekt

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    crap nap

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    soft :us

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    I accidentally found a face reveal video of sapnap with his cat and just have to subscribe

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    Upload more... and I came here from tommyinnit

  • Юля Колпина

    Юля Колпина

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    SapNap in the start: No, Goerge, it’s fine, we’re gonna do this in, like, 30 minutes!
    The video: Literally 29 minutes XD

  • bunnyシ


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    u should do it where you cants see if you're hungry.

  • Akirami_Chanッ


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    Hey Sapnap, did Dream actually got “kicked out” of the DreamSMP? Does this mean you wont be posting any vids with dream anymore?

    • Pep si

      Pep si

      3 päeva tagasi

      No, the dream smp is a story, its not real. Everything is normal

  • R G

    R G

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  • Javeiling Ezar

    Javeiling Ezar

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    Sapnap why wouldnt you help dream when he was kill infront of many people by tommy i thought you guys were bestfriend and also george??

    • Pep si

      Pep si

      3 päeva tagasi

      George wasn't there and its a story

  • Tiko9129


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    Why snapnap why did you help Tommy your be traid your friend side dream??? Not going to hate

  • Jacob Robinson

    Jacob Robinson

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    sad i saw the dream smp you kill like 500 pets

  • Sisters Forever

    Sisters Forever

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    When you have to take a shower but you see dream, George, or sapnap on ur recommenced

  • coltonsteet2537


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    You traitor you portrayed dream this means war!!

  • Sebastian Sierra

    Sebastian Sierra

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    I just realize that sapnap mean Dream in hindi

    • Marina Latif

      Marina Latif

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      Sapnap is dream plotwist lol

  • _nixh _sami

    _nixh _sami

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    I just want to thank you, Sapnap. I watched your streams on Twitch (19, 20 December), they are so healing and cozy... The music you used in the background was so chill, relaxing and positive, your voice was so calm. My christmas were pretty bad but your streams and you really helped and calmed me down, I felt a lot better. Now, I like to watch them again to kinda "spend time with you" and don't feel alone.. Thank you so much for this all, you are amazing 🧡

  • Dr Drippy

    Dr Drippy

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    That moment when you and sapnap live 20 mins away from eachother

  • Hemawe


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    Sapnap your awesome man 😎👍

  • Jangan Gebang

    Jangan Gebang

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    Im just sub him for...

    Sapnap saying baka..(╥﹏╥)

  • Samanta


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    Sapnap I saw a edit where you and dream and George saying everythings okay and that you love us so i came here to say I love you more

  • Kiranjit Sambhi

    Kiranjit Sambhi

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    7:34 George going *gasp* a spoon to a shovel

  • Light *Dream's lost Sister*

    Light *Dream's lost Sister*

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    Live your vids, whenever you post I click on the video IMMEDIATELY. Big fan and I would DIE to me you in Real life, Show this comment to your friends because this goes the same to them!

  • Ferrus Manus

    Ferrus Manus

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    Sapnap: barely getting wood and stone
    George: already getting attacked by mobs

  • Eric Fessele

    Eric Fessele

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  • ♡Demon_Wolf♡


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    i cant- lol the way he said "Oh my god you ok"

  • Mo0 LoneWolfy

    Mo0 LoneWolfy

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    Bruh people are annoyed about the pet war that happened like a million years ago shut up

  • Dogos 1000

    Dogos 1000

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    I unsubsidized don't care how many you have

  • Dogos 1000

    Dogos 1000

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    This has nothing to do with this video but you are a piece of s*** for killing all the animals especially fungi on the Dream SMP

  • Shyaw Amir

    Shyaw Amir

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    What is wrong with you

  • 3dwrecker


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    Moar vidz

  • joel kaspar jõepere

    joel kaspar jõepere

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  • Aespa


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    Sapnap it's aespa I'm Filipino shuot out me sapnap

  • {neko studio}

    {neko studio}

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    5:07 ... wait what ? why are u doing this ? lmao🤣

  • Ohvoortex


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    Everyone says i sound like Sapnap. I just listened for a bit.. i actually sound exactly like you lmao

  • Sloth Mayhem

    Sloth Mayhem

    4 päeva tagasi

    Hi Sapnap!
    I had a video idea
    It’s a fan fic but there’s not much love stuff and it’s called ‘there’s a traitor among us’ the people in it are:
    You, Dream, Georgenotfound, Finnster, Zelk, Megapvp, Technoblade, A6D, BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, Tommyinnit and Tubbo
    I think t would be good if you reacted with all of them I’m sending it to all of you that still upload. I don’t know if you’ll see it but if you do it would be an epic Video. If you read this your videos are amazing and I enjoy watching them 😊
    Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/246504478-there-is-a-traitor-among-us-mcyt-fanfic-《book

  • PatrioMC


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    who hates sapnap for killing so many animals on the dream smp?

  • OG_Kaoz


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    Plot twist: their in creative

    • AspectSE


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      they cant be anyway. Then the hunger bar wouldnt be there

  • Foxer 907

    Foxer 907

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    And now he’s “like we neeed fooooooooood”

  • Foxer 907

    Foxer 907

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    At the start he likes “we have so much food we’re going to be good

  • alziyad ladjahindo

    alziyad ladjahindo

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    sapnap react to this its a song but ur there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXJGTnVfJic

  • Poopy Oof

    Poopy Oof

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  • Animations With me

    Animations With me

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    I hate you

  • Nadir


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    Sapnap? More like Technap with that uploading schedule.

  • isaaq and rasheed

    isaaq and rasheed

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    So you gonna upload or do we have to wait 5 months again you are worst than dream and George you on mrbeast channel and dreams and georges but not on your own so see you in 5 months when he does a 22 minute video and all ova sodden he gains respect oh yeah its sapnap it will take another 2 months you not what happend to georgenotfound when he did this he lost 1 million subscribers he had 6.65 now on January 20 2021 he has 5.58 so I hope you upload a video atleast atleast you're freinds Come back whith a banger you well have not done a video in two months once you did not do a video in 5 months!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm you're biggest fan and I'm pissed so fuck ingredients tired of loging on to my pc every day to 2 months 5 months 9 months unsubscribe until late you upload
    Ps you own us 2 months worth of videos oh yeah in you're eyes that would be no video if I said that to dantdm he would upload every day in his schedule

  • Eleazar Romero-Figueroa

    Eleazar Romero-Figueroa

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    This is paranoia in Minecraft

  • Random Kid

    Random Kid

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    if you drop soap on the floor is the floor clean or is the soap dirty

  • TheOneThatExists


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    that creeper wants you- you recked him!

    me- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • - Ø r e ø -

    - Ø r e ø -

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    bruh this man rlly be underrated.


  • Marcelina Nowicka

    Marcelina Nowicka

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    sory iam poland

  • Emily Lachapelle

    Emily Lachapelle

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    Dream watching this:🥺