iPhone 12 Pro Max Teardown! - I've NEVER seen this before...

Avaldati 19 nov 2020
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Its time to take apart the new iPhone 12 Pro MAX! Grab my teardown skin from dbrand HERE: www.dbrand.com/teardown The iPhone 12 Pro is the top of the line smartphone from Apple. Their most powerful flagship iPhone. The iPhone 12 pro max has a larger screen, bigger batter, AND better camera, with a type of camera stabilization that weve never seen inside of a mobile device before. 'Sensor Shift'. Is apple being 'shifty' about their new tech? or is it legit? Literally the only way to find out for sure is to take it apart and see for ourselves.
Watch the iPhone 12 PRO teardown HERE: eelong.info/chart/video/oJaxrI2WbXWnnKw.html
Watch the iPhone 12 Pro Max Durability test here: eelong.info/chart/video/q2LW1XZjaoOfoHo.html
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    facebook marketplace- "slightly used like new"

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    JRE should go on the JRE and disassemble an iPhone while on dmt

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    “Apple put everything they got”
    Google iPhone ghosting and you will realize that they never bother to solve this ridiculous deal-breaker starting from iPhone 11

    • Yongkang Zhou

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      The overall lens design is a piece of crap. I don't care if apple put a fancy sensor with a stabilizer in it. ALL I ASK IS A DECENT F*KING LENS WITH NO GLARE!

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    4:09 Bold of you to assume I'm subscribed
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    Hey Jerry, I think I know why the pull tabs almost never work for you, you have to grab the pull tab, and then pull it to the side almost, not pull from the top

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    I don't hate apple, I hate their community, mostly they say it's the best but when you ask them to tell you one fact why is it better. They just disappear from the world

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    ipad 7 started with iPad os 13

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    Trying to pay attention to the right side scratch blade test part of the video and I do not see the oval punch out below the power button on the IPhone 12pro Max in the video.There is an oval punch out on my model that is suppose to let in the mmWave 5G from information I can find. Are there different versions of the phone that may not have it and if so does that affect the bend test by having this punch out in the fame somewhat opposite to the sim tray?

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    give mi a i phon not

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    Thank you! Are the Max’s speakers bigger than 12pro’s?

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    it would be better than go pro and cheaper ans smaller and 4kkkkkkkkkkkk

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    The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a little too big for me because my hands are about the size of the 2020 iPhone SE.

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    12 am, Just here to get the answer of what he had never seen before.

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