I Bought a Fleet of Go-Carts for the LZ Compound!

Avaldati 12 apr 2021
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We keep talking about go-carts... so I figured it was time to make a move! We also wound up scoring some other cool goodies that should be a lot of fun! Thanks Bret! bushnellmotorsportspark.com

Adam LZ
  • bmxcycles


    6 päeva tagasi

    Miata is small enough, make it a hotboi compound missile car 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Justin Alan

    Justin Alan

    8 päeva tagasi

    Can’t wait to see the plans for the Miata!! I just got a 92 Miata (manual with 145k) in January and I love it!! Gonna be making it a drift car to get my start into it!

  • Elijah Stroud

    Elijah Stroud

    9 päeva tagasi

    the camera tips and tricks bit got me 😭

  • GTClutch


    9 päeva tagasi

    I might not be much of a Miata or at all but I did enjoyed Shulman's 😂😂😂

  • Global Savage

    Global Savage

    14 päeva tagasi

    Her voice is annoying

  • Global Savage

    Global Savage

    14 päeva tagasi

    She love spending his money

  • One Sad Tech

    One Sad Tech

    14 päeva tagasi

    "It's super clean, just really dirty" only makes sense to car people. 😂

  • ichigozanghetsu


    15 päeva tagasi

    I got a feeling that Adam visiting hoonigan, has something to do with adam's carcaine problem. Blame scotto😂

  • Tarunn Sharma

    Tarunn Sharma

    20 päeva tagasi

    When I saw “fleet of go carts” I thought you bought 6 miata’s lol

  • pigeon.


    21 päev tagasi

    5:55 it is insanely clean, its just dirty


  • Captain Zoll

    Captain Zoll

    21 päev tagasi

    so when are you painting the HQ workshop in HKS livery?

  • Bohdan Girdwood

    Bohdan Girdwood

    22 päeva tagasi

    everything together was 1000$

  • AkagiPro1


    23 päeva tagasi

    Miatas will always start!! That’s why they are always the answer hahaha

  • Evan Pate

    Evan Pate

    23 päeva tagasi

    Miata drift build?

  • Thomas Bougher

    Thomas Bougher

    23 päeva tagasi

    And it's ALL a tax deductible business expense! IMAGINE, getting PAID to SHOP for cool stuff. These kids are having TOO MUCH FUN!!

  • John Congo

    John Congo

    23 päeva tagasi

    Next Episode: "I bought a planet just for me! And drift cars"

  • Miles Swanson

    Miles Swanson

    23 päeva tagasi

    You should get golf carts too

  • Marcel Roose

    Marcel Roose

    23 päeva tagasi

    5:56 it is actually insanely clean its just dirty😂

  • Ryan Gorges

    Ryan Gorges

    24 päeva tagasi

    Maybe this time now with colletes influence we’ll finally see a rotary Miata lol

  • Spargruff


    24 päeva tagasi

    That bike at the beginning is a repop whizzer (that you guys didn’t know anything about )

  • Tyler Mosley

    Tyler Mosley

    24 päeva tagasi

    When I saw this I thought of American pickers

  • SaP Puncake

    SaP Puncake

    25 päeva tagasi

    What's the outro song?

  • Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones

    25 päeva tagasi

    Y’all should reach out too Glenn Long and Family of Long Road Racing in Statesville, NC. There a long time manufacturer of Miata Racecars for the MX-5 Cup Series. They could do an amazing roll cage and such for the Miata.

  • Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones

    25 päeva tagasi

    You should’ve bought the boxing/wrestling ring.

  • Richard Grant

    Richard Grant

    25 päeva tagasi

    You bought 7 go karts

  • that_one_hoosier


    25 päeva tagasi

    anyone know the outro song name

  • Bought Not Built

    Bought Not Built

    25 päeva tagasi

    Watch your step, Schulmann !!!

  • JD Bino

    JD Bino

    25 päeva tagasi

    I'm calling it now .... miata giveaway coming!!!

  • Rick te Kronnie

    Rick te Kronnie

    25 päeva tagasi

    That motorized bicycle is awesome, reminds me of the early days of motorcycles, they where just like that only with a belt drive instead of chain

  • Ryan Thimsen

    Ryan Thimsen

    25 päeva tagasi

    The motorized bike is sweet, I have 3 of them they are fun little bikes

  • Rich Acevedo

    Rich Acevedo

    25 päeva tagasi

    I want a daily Miata

  • Santso


    25 päeva tagasi

    Colette needs electric motor for her compound bike that cheap Chinese 2stroke gonna broke in no time.

  • joel mehalski

    joel mehalski

    25 päeva tagasi

    Soon as that mazda started boom collette lost her car

  • Ranga Racing

    Ranga Racing

    25 päeva tagasi

    Make the miata a shark cart like hoonigian

  • Ju


    26 päeva tagasi

    Adam casually doing the craziest shit in the car game :O

  • Philip Nikitin

    Philip Nikitin

    26 päeva tagasi

    "Mike Broke" 12:14

  • _ pokeplayer45 _

    _ pokeplayer45 _

    26 päeva tagasi

    *buys mopeds*

    Turns into Motovloggers

  • Aaron Oosterhoff

    Aaron Oosterhoff

    26 päeva tagasi

    now I know why Mike has grays; Adam stressing him out all the time breaking his shiiiit

  • Nelly Nel

    Nelly Nel

    26 päeva tagasi

    Now that's what i call a Go-kart starter pack

  • Evan


    26 päeva tagasi

    rb in the miata????

  • Kenji


    26 päeva tagasi

    Cleetus should buy the rest and have them race around the track

  • Ariel Lopez

    Ariel Lopez

    26 päeva tagasi

    I think you read my comment about the compound being a nice go kart track. Now we settle with a go kart race

  • pieman rocks

    pieman rocks

    26 päeva tagasi

    Slam the Miata

  • I'm Verty

    I'm Verty

    26 päeva tagasi

    Miatas are great, love mine, needs a lot of work done, but it'll be done, plans are to get it osw ready by at least the end of the year

  • stevo kanevo

    stevo kanevo

    26 päeva tagasi

    Paid 650 for car lol

  • stevo kanevo

    stevo kanevo

    26 päeva tagasi

    Bro u said price under a thousand u said two bikes and car for 1000 then said 350 for bikes you paid 650

  • Yendori TV

    Yendori TV

    26 päeva tagasi

    cheeky buying spree!

  • Simon G

    Simon G

    26 päeva tagasi

    Ls swap miata for ultimate compound drift car

  • Night Shift240sx

    Night Shift240sx

    26 päeva tagasi

    Ngl he should keep it stock and race it that way

  • poo poo

    poo poo

    27 päeva tagasi

    ls swap it

  • naivay


    27 päeva tagasi

    Keep it, paint it for a project, and turbo it, build it, the first compound build

  • ethan french-foerster

    ethan french-foerster

    27 päeva tagasi

    Dude in the red shirt loves checkin on your lady🤣😭

  • B novs

    B novs

    27 päeva tagasi

    Pleaseeeee upgrade the audio man.. love the content tho just sometimes hard to hear everyone if they aren’t close to the camera

  • Kolby_ Account

    Kolby_ Account

    27 päeva tagasi

    @9:31 caught him lookin😂

  • Andy Cox

    Andy Cox

    27 päeva tagasi

    Please tell me Vice Grip Garage is gonna come help with those go carts.....

  • Ryan Seay

    Ryan Seay

    27 päeva tagasi

    Jimmy’s coming to town?!

  • 90lxFox


    27 päeva tagasi

    ofc it runs its a miata

  • Lochlan Brookes

    Lochlan Brookes

    27 päeva tagasi

    LS swap the miata

  • T.J. Jameson

    T.J. Jameson

    27 päeva tagasi

    I like how Adam says "I dont know where we are gonna put all this stuff". Dude! You got like 8 garages on your compound! LOL.

  • Elevated


    27 päeva tagasi

    That Miata bring back good memories

  • Tony B

    Tony B

    27 päeva tagasi

    Derek from Vice Grip Garage gonna work on Miata?

  • Brandon Vargas

    Brandon Vargas

    27 päeva tagasi

    You should race the miata in 24 hours of lemons

  • Bill Green

    Bill Green

    27 päeva tagasi

    The "compound" haha

  • Sebiche


    27 päeva tagasi

    Let me know if you end up selling the miata please, i want something cheap to learn how to drift

  • Jose Sollberger

    Jose Sollberger

    27 päeva tagasi

    The moped’s name is Toothless it’s settled😂😂

  • hold lzzz

    hold lzzz

    27 päeva tagasi

    The bike is called a pedal bike they go for 250 usally but the engine is not installed on

  • ivox


    27 päeva tagasi

    cant wait to see you guys race the go carts through the compound

  • Grant Hendley

    Grant Hendley

    27 päeva tagasi

    Vice Grip???

  • dapitbull2009


    27 päeva tagasi

    Audio stinks.

  • Imaginary Friend

    Imaginary Friend

    27 päeva tagasi

    Can't wait to see "Kart racing at The Freedom Factory..."

  • Abdul Rahman

    Abdul Rahman

    27 päeva tagasi

    A V6 , caged , wide body miata drift missile would be sick

  • Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez

    27 päeva tagasi

    Who remembers Nicole’s Miata

  • phils51


    27 päeva tagasi

    When are you going to get Sammit and his wife over to visit and see the compound. Sam loves miatas

  • Aaron Cable

    Aaron Cable

    27 päeva tagasi

    I learnt something from this dont buy stuff later at night you'll end up with more then you went to get or went to buy

  • Calli


    27 päeva tagasi

    geez driving that gocarts in the compound is soooooo much fun for sure!

  • The Slash Man Rc

    The Slash Man Rc

    27 päeva tagasi

    What year is that miata?

  • Calli


    27 päeva tagasi

    me reading the title:
    "oh youre talking about the miata"

  • Reave Wilber

    Reave Wilber

    27 päeva tagasi

    I was an original employee at BMP and actually put some of those karts together when they were new! I live in bushnell lol

  • Rihito Kimura

    Rihito Kimura

    27 päeva tagasi

    “It’s so clean, it’s just dirty.” - Colette

  • Logan Murray

    Logan Murray

    27 päeva tagasi

    I will be soo stoked if you build a Miata!!!

  • Jae Fadd

    Jae Fadd

    27 päeva tagasi

    Build the miata plssssss I need a miata to look up

  • Eli McClellan

    Eli McClellan

    27 päeva tagasi

    Please tell me good ole Vice Grip himself is coming out

  • loysportcarbuilders


    27 päeva tagasi

    It's a mx5 🤣

  • ExcellentCarpet


    27 päeva tagasi

    Damn how much you want for that Miata 😂

  • Lauch Lauch

    Lauch Lauch

    27 päeva tagasi

    Rb Swap the Go Kart 😂

  • Moto Matt

    Moto Matt

    27 päeva tagasi

    Just buying a whole bunch of junk at this point 🤦‍♂️

  • Ethan McClure

    Ethan McClure

    27 päeva tagasi

    13B miata

  • Onell Lee #lifeofonell

    Onell Lee #lifeofonell

    27 päeva tagasi

    I have one of those scooters. They're super easy to work on and do about 75mph.

  • Gena May Dalisay

    Gena May Dalisay

    27 päeva tagasi

    When you give away bike im fan in philiphines

  • Tom Jones

    Tom Jones

    27 päeva tagasi

    On this week's episode of American Pickers!

  • Rob


    27 päeva tagasi

    If you shake it more than once than your playing with it

  • Brock Cribbie

    Brock Cribbie

    27 päeva tagasi

    They bought the mists for $650. At one point in the video when they are making a deal for the bike and scooter for $350 and Adam points over to the mists and say “so $1000 all together”

  • Banana Mash

    Banana Mash

    27 päeva tagasi

    you need to invite Rudnick to the compound

  • renzo 4002

    renzo 4002

    27 päeva tagasi

    Where is bert?

  • Rico Cruz

    Rico Cruz

    27 päeva tagasi

    a hoonigan style shart kart would be sick. y’all just throw a ebay turbo and some coils and have your visitors drift around and beat that around the compound

  • DylanSN95


    27 päeva tagasi

    Mike looked pissed when the camera fell lol



    27 päeva tagasi

    Adam - referring to the MX5 “I don’t want to tell you what I paid for it incase we decide to sell it”
    Adam - tells us he paid $650 for the MX5

  • Street Butter

    Street Butter

    27 päeva tagasi

    Rotary powered Miata or else

  • THE_ CGW

    THE_ CGW

    27 päeva tagasi

    Adam you should turn 4 of those karts into drift karts

  • Jake Gifford

    Jake Gifford

    27 päeva tagasi

    I like hat shirt on collette