Free Guy Trailer 2

Avaldati 5 okt 2020
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December 11th. #FreeGuy

Ryan Reynolds
  • Jazel Waseem

    Jazel Waseem

    8 minutit tagasi

    Happy birthday!!!!

  • The Gaelic Gladiator

    The Gaelic Gladiator

    16 minutit tagasi

    Where is jackeboy

  • Christian Christian

    Christian Christian

    Tund tagasi

    I prefer the first version

  • WolfPlayz_ Gaming _

    WolfPlayz_ Gaming _

    2 tundi tagasi

    Where is the irish man ryan?!?!?

  • Eva Suijker

    Eva Suijker

    4 tundi tagasi

    matrix meets truman show meets ready player one !!!! looks really good!

  • Martín Navarrete Abarca

    Martín Navarrete Abarca

    4 tundi tagasi

    happy birthday from chile

  • The Earthen Fire Duo

    The Earthen Fire Duo

    5 tundi tagasi

    Happy Birthday Ryan

  • StrongJamal 2017

    StrongJamal 2017

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  • Arianna G

    Arianna G

    5 tundi tagasi

    the Irish video game guy is going to be the best part about this movie

  • iamthe boy

    iamthe boy

    5 tundi tagasi

    I hate seeing Indians in every movie.

  • Josee Trep

    Josee Trep

    7 tundi tagasi

    Happy birthday Ryan🎂🎶🎉🥳

  • Pockets on Shrek

    Pockets on Shrek

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  • Pumpkaboom


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  • Dabo1287


    8 tundi tagasi

    Estranged... That's the word.

    Accepting and loving of your family and relatives, but keeping their infestuous beliefs at bay.
    They go that way... I go this way...
    It's all good though...

  • Dabo1287


    8 tundi tagasi

    So, a free relationship... Has no jealousy, possession, or control ideally...
    It runs on loyalty and faith?
    You two just spread the AIDS throughout the day and pretend that everyone else just isn't in that society?
    If FREE is a sex thing... I don't want it.
    I kinda wanna trust that the babies popping out of an oven are mine...
    That takes some kind of loyalty at least.
    P.s. - I'm not switching with Justin timetables.
    What's swifties up to?
    Robots. Robots ;)

  • threelivesonly lol

    threelivesonly lol

    9 tundi tagasi


  • Donna Troy

    Donna Troy

    9 tundi tagasi

    Wreck It Ralph looks different here💀

  • shreya sharma

    shreya sharma

    9 tundi tagasi

    Why it is looks similar to Truman show.

  • Gabriel Amores

    Gabriel Amores

    9 tundi tagasi

    No one’s talking abt the Mariah Carey track—

  • BbyKeithYuh


    10 tundi tagasi

    Happy birthday Sir Reynolds

  • Yaroslav Panych

    Yaroslav Panych

    11 tundi tagasi

    For Jacksepticeye's fans, it is 2:26 (I think)... from a few frames lol but still there

    • WolfPlayz_ Gaming _

      WolfPlayz_ Gaming _

      2 tundi tagasi

      You are right, not sure if itsh him but maybe!! Thc man never would have boticed withoit ur help

  • Mackie Sanchez

    Mackie Sanchez

    11 tundi tagasi

    Happy Birthday

  • Deathicantus Nexus

    Deathicantus Nexus

    12 tundi tagasi

    Looking for Jackseptickeye

  • Bin Domaub

    Bin Domaub

    13 tundi tagasi

    By just watching the trailer, they need to create a sequel ASAP.

  • XDHyperXDL L

    XDHyperXDL L

    13 tundi tagasi

    Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉 Rayan Reynolds

  • ahmad khairi

    ahmad khairi

    13 tundi tagasi

    ryan:whats the movie about and whats my role
    director:your gonna be an NPC in a game and its pretty much like the matrix
    ryan:wait am i not the hero
    director:no you are the hero
    ryan:great whats my avatar then
    director:your gonna be called guy and your gonna be as innocent as you can and still be yourself

  • _98Prelude_


    14 tundi tagasi

    So it’s a story about a GTA V modder

  • Abyasa Saifaji

    Abyasa Saifaji

    17 tundi tagasi

    They seem nice

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    18 tundi tagasi

    It has potential to be good. I just hope it doesn’t turn into Pixels.

  • LackOfv


    18 tundi tagasi

    I for one think this movie looks very cool

  • Mustiboi Salman

    Mustiboi Salman

    18 tundi tagasi


  • Mitch Gaming

    Mitch Gaming

    20 tundi tagasi

    "they seem nice..." XD

  • •mintyaholic•


    20 tundi tagasi

    The only reason why I'm going to watch it is because an Irish video game man is going to be here-

    • hen ko

      hen ko

      18 tundi tagasi

      to have a good conversation if you have one,, I'm here for you all love you guys ❣️❣️

  • Moe M

    Moe M

    20 tundi tagasi

    So sad . Another commie and his wife . No more of my money will go in your pockets . Not a penny . Unsubscribed

  • knytrydr73


    20 tundi tagasi

    Video game NPC becomes self aware. Nice.

  • The Canada Man

    The Canada Man

    21 tund tagasi

    I can’t find Irish Visio game man

  • Shy Guy

    Shy Guy

    21 tund tagasi

    So where is jacks part?

  • oldnintendolink


    21 tund tagasi

    But in way better then what you can hope it is

  • oldnintendolink


    21 tund tagasi

    This is basically gran theft auto or saint row the movie ahahahahaha

  • Bdawg 910

    Bdawg 910

    21 tund tagasi

    Lazarbeam where you at?!

  • 【VM】Zack Rob

    【VM】Zack Rob

    23 tundi tagasi


  • Not Telling

    Not Telling

    23 tundi tagasi

    Thank god this is still coming out

  • Dabo1287


    23 tundi tagasi
    Death Lively is Deadpool's love... Don't green lantern that shit for the love of all hatred and holiness

  • Dabo1287


    23 tundi tagasi
    Can we just put Death-Lively in every movie?
    Is she the death of acting?
    Does she just ruin All movies you star in together or just all of them in general??

  • IPlezzy YT

    IPlezzy YT

    Päev tagasi

    Features the Irish video game man

  • Joel Scott

    Joel Scott

    Päev tagasi

    Where is jacksepticeye

  • Ryan Rodney Reynolds

    Ryan Rodney Reynolds

    Päev tagasi

    Hello thanks for you're love💕 and support I really do appreciate you guys for been there for me right from the one......if you really love to talk to me, you can hit me up on hangouts to have a good conversation if you have one,, I'm here for you all love you guys ❣️❣️

  • Mr. Sarcasm

    Mr. Sarcasm

    Päev tagasi

    Npc man would be proud. This is clearly a movie about a npc falling in love for a gamer girl in a videogame rip off of gta online

  • toastseven twofour

    toastseven twofour

    Päev tagasi

    Please Be Good

  • Muneeb J.

    Muneeb J.

    Päev tagasi

    the movie should start with "hi, I'm Ryan. And my life, iz kinda crazy"

  • Meet Chauhan

    Meet Chauhan

    Päev tagasi

    i wanted to see the irish guy who screams a lot in this trailer so badly

  • Robert Lust

    Robert Lust

    Päev tagasi

    We got the new Borat movie streaming for free if you're an Amazon Prime member starting tomorrow I think ya #trendsetter

  • Robert Lust

    Robert Lust

    Päev tagasi

    Guy upload Dexter code to operation OverWatch Strike Back reboot Force

  • TheHerbu


    Päev tagasi

    So, The Who "Baba O'Riely"? Come on.

  • Tankers 365

    Tankers 365

    Päev tagasi

    I can't believe I've watched this dude go from 2 guys a girl and a pizza place to playing deadpool. Man it's been fun

  • Aviator Snappy

    Aviator Snappy

    Päev tagasi

    Why does this remind me of that lego movie

  • mega over kill

    mega over kill

    Päev tagasi

    at the 0:02 under the red and white umbrella i think i see jacksepticeye looking at his phone

  • CringoPath


    Päev tagasi

    Where is Jack??

  • Robert Enyart

    Robert Enyart

    Päev tagasi

    Well now I don't need to watch the film

  • Juner Sydney Ababa

    Juner Sydney Ababa

    Päev tagasi

    Looking good! But I think I've seen almost the entire movie from just watching the trailer. Will still watch it though!

  • Amit Abhishek

    Amit Abhishek

    Päev tagasi

    Awesome 🔥🔥🔥

  • القرآن الكريم

    القرآن الكريم

    Päev tagasi

    أنا انشر القرآن ولكن لا اجد من يدعمني

  • The Ace Of Fishing

    The Ace Of Fishing

    Päev tagasi


  • Yuke Baba

    Yuke Baba

    Päev tagasi

    this going to be nice. Haha

  • Wuld Wuld Gaming

    Wuld Wuld Gaming

    Päev tagasi

    Soooooo watching this

  • Lost Hell

    Lost Hell

    Päev tagasi

    Well we know now what gta 5 Mpc feel like

  • Themonkeyman


    Päev tagasi

    anyone get free Truman vibes

  • John Baldwin

    John Baldwin

    Päev tagasi


  • D A M N

    D A M N

    Päev tagasi

    He looks exact like deadpool

  • Carlos Herrera

    Carlos Herrera

    Päev tagasi

    where's jacksepticeye

  • Intel Firebox

    Intel Firebox

    Päev tagasi

    Asian action and comedy movie: A hitman and a failed actor accidentally swap each other's identities, so one of them loses his memory and the other has a wonderful life. enjoy watching

  • MaNuel 4

    MaNuel 4

    Päev tagasi

    Wheres irish man

  • opzz xsin

    opzz xsin

    Päev tagasi

    I came for the Maso comment. I left for no Maso comment



    Päev tagasi

    Hey, Bro, Ryan I just wanna say that I appreciate your work! Your career has made my life far more enjoyable! ...I'm not sure what that says about my life, but I appreciate you, Bro!

  • I Have No Creativity

    I Have No Creativity

    Päev tagasi

    He plays two different characters named guy

  • legend123ify


    Päev tagasi

    Come on why can't it be out now?

  • Cha Cha Real smooth

    Cha Cha Real smooth

    Päev tagasi

    GTA the movie?

    • opzz xsin

      opzz xsin

      Päev tagasi

      So this is Just Ryan Going in GTA 5 In real life right And sorry but who the hell is masos

  • alfie moffitt

    alfie moffitt

    2 päeva tagasi

    oh cool cringe

  • Connor?


    2 päeva tagasi

    wheres jacksepticeye?

  • TheKingLordOfMemes


    2 päeva tagasi

    Where Jacky Boi

  • johny papa

    johny papa

    2 päeva tagasi

    I have too see this

  • Naamloos


    2 päeva tagasi

    This is literally GTA V

  • Agent friggin' Y

    Agent friggin' Y

    2 päeva tagasi

    This is gone be EPIC

  • Kimberly Burt

    Kimberly Burt

    2 päeva tagasi

    Thanks for the belated birthday movie lmao

  • S0HAM THakUR

    S0HAM THakUR

    2 päeva tagasi

    Seems to be typical game based anime type.

  • Baby Turret

    Baby Turret

    2 päeva tagasi

    Jacksepticeye is why almost all the people are going to watch this movie and im one of them



    2 päeva tagasi

    Let's play gta online fuk yeah

  • Derister Gamez

    Derister Gamez

    2 päeva tagasi

    Guys I did'nt see JackSepticeye in the trailer????



    2 päeva tagasi

    Its released on my birth day OMG

  • Army Chim

    Army Chim

    2 päeva tagasi


  • HI HI

    HI HI

    2 päeva tagasi

    So this is Just Ryan Going in GTA 5 In real life right
    And sorry but who the hell is masos

  • Evie Todd

    Evie Todd

    2 päeva tagasi

    Who’s came here from Jacksepticeyes video?

  • Susana Munoz

    Susana Munoz

    2 päeva tagasi

    Congrats, on Dead Pool!! If its true.

  • TheFlash


    2 päeva tagasi

    Whts the music at 0:17?

  • Haunted Waffles1

    Haunted Waffles1

    2 päeva tagasi

    Damn, we got Steve from stranger things, Guy from Croods, and the all mighty Celtic gladiator from YouTube. THIS... Is gonna be interesting

  • tomie_grunge


    2 päeva tagasi

    Oh my god steve harrington

  • Martin Tan

    Martin Tan

    2 päeva tagasi

    I bet the bad guy’s gonna resort to pay-to-win. And the sequel to this will be them dealing with rampant lootboxes being opened and unleashing chaos into the game world.

  • Patrick Placentile

    Patrick Placentile

    2 päeva tagasi

    It's gta5 online

  • Gameryusic 825

    Gameryusic 825

    2 päeva tagasi

    Damn Ryan is so lucky to be working and acting with a Irish man who plays video games.

  • chan


    2 päeva tagasi

    So we all came from Sean's video huh