Fortnite - Lobby Track - Freestylin

Avaldati 28 juuli 2020
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Listen to the tunes of the Freestylin Lobby Track
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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  • garrethizer


    11 päeva tagasi

    POV: You're Meowscles about to get kicked off the Yacht

  • Denzix


    27 päeva tagasi

    Freestylin' needs more attention.

  • Just some ordinary guy

    Just some ordinary guy

    Місяць tagasi

    this song gives me too much nostalgia as I started on Chapter 2 Season 2

    • 4hwk


      Місяць tagasi


    • SPX Gaming

      SPX Gaming

      Місяць tagasi

      same bro i feel like crying

  • Jason Geddes

    Jason Geddes

    Місяць tagasi

    Who else has this emote

  • april roberson

    april roberson

    Місяць tagasi

    I have this music

  • Paolo Faziorocca

    Paolo Faziorocca

    Місяць tagasi

    It is my favorite song in Fortnite

  • Amichai Givnat

    Amichai Givnat

    Місяць tagasi

    i so love this music🎶🎶🎶

  • T3RBO


    Місяць tagasi

    Back in season 2 chapter 2 this was my lobby track

    • cheesewizard072


      Місяць tagasi


  • Nam Do

    Nam Do

    3 місяці tagasi

    Actually this is the music that cars play on the Party Royale radio



    3 місяці tagasi

    The Deadpool floaties theme

  • Tristan Star 360

    Tristan Star 360

    3 місяці tagasi

    Deadpool vibe

  • Jean Luca Guzman

    Jean Luca Guzman

    3 місяці tagasi

    Yo i got this lobby music but I don’t know how I got it even now in chapter 2 season 4

  • Alexander Pérez

    Alexander Pérez

    3 місяці tagasi


  • Enrique Rivera

    Enrique Rivera

    3 місяці tagasi

    Yo lo tengo

  • Lavon Hardy

    Lavon Hardy

    4 місяці tagasi

    Custom wrap please

  • one shomel2.0

    one shomel2.0

    4 місяці tagasi

    Lets spam "COME BACK OLD MAP" if you miss OLD MAP and dont love New MAP. SPAM ON ALL FORTNITE VIDEO

  • Massimo Samdal

    Massimo Samdal

    4 місяці tagasi

    Yo this track is dope

  • Stop Motion Shorts

    Stop Motion Shorts

    4 місяці tagasi

    This is my favourite music in the whole earth

  • Bander alanzi

    Bander alanzi

    4 місяці tagasi


  • Irave Official

    Irave Official

    4 місяці tagasi

    Top Music

  • Myelin SheathXD

    Myelin SheathXD

    4 місяці tagasi

    the best

  • ShadythestarGaming


    4 місяці tagasi

    the good old days of season 4 in the old map :(

  • Mr-CT


    4 місяці tagasi

    My lobby track

  • XAND3R


    4 місяці tagasi

    This was my favorite lobby music

  • dark pit

    dark pit

    4 місяці tagasi

    this is the perfect lobby music

  • Lafiix 2003

    Lafiix 2003

    4 місяці tagasi

    can hear this all day

  • Miguel Togepi339

    Miguel Togepi339

    4 місяці tagasi

    I love how this was free but the emote was the only one that requires twitch prime

  • el crymo

    el crymo

    4 місяці tagasi

    The two Deadpool and Midas' mic echoing:

  • Galaxy Gamer

    Galaxy Gamer

    5 місяців tagasi

    Pls sign a truce with both mobile devices

  • A.O .B

    A.O .B

    5 місяців tagasi

    Please add trading to fortnite

  • Slicing YT

    Slicing YT

    5 місяців tagasi

    I started playing fortnite on season 12

  • Strxng3r


    5 місяців tagasi

    Yo nice diss track

  • Benjamin Beard

    Benjamin Beard

    5 місяців tagasi

    I have freestilin

  • alter abi

    alter abi

    5 місяців tagasi

    save catty corner.

  • Apocalyptic PlayzYT

    Apocalyptic PlayzYT

    5 місяців tagasi

    This was my lobby music for the entire season 2

    • Riley MacDonald

      Riley MacDonald

      5 місяців tagasi

      Mine was spies and still is

  • Ant Gaming

    Ant Gaming

    5 місяців tagasi

    I have that music

  • Jenlu Heras

    Jenlu Heras

    5 місяців tagasi

    like si pensaste que habla de un conalep

    • Riley MacDonald

      Riley MacDonald

      5 місяців tagasi


  • Shonewick


    5 місяців tagasi

    Please levant servers

  • Rosa Panter

    Rosa Panter

    5 місяців tagasi

    Can you still get this? If yes how do i get this?

    • Night-OBLIVIONχ


      4 місяці tagasi

      You cant anymore :/

  • Maria Cruz

    Maria Cruz

    5 місяців tagasi

    Like if read also cars are out finally (me get's killed by a car every time i play) Also just go in to the cars to lesin to the music

  • Rafiguest El Crack_YT

    Rafiguest El Crack_YT

    5 місяців tagasi

    This is my favorite song for the lobby

  • Mug GingerBreed

    Mug GingerBreed

    5 місяців tagasi

    Fun fact! 200 people can’t be first!

  • Renegade


    5 місяців tagasi

    The Music’s Lit

  • Andrew Daly

    Andrew Daly

    5 місяців tagasi

    I would of liked to hear what the pop lock lobby music would have sounded like

  • Phantom Trolls

    Phantom Trolls

    5 місяців tagasi

    That’s the music I always use

  • SmallerSundew62


    5 місяців tagasi

    Lol the fact that this still plays at the yacht is amazing since there is amazing since there is no population on the yacht, unless Deadpool is still lurking around doing his live streams

  • brezzyシ


    5 місяців tagasi

    I'm using this one rn

  • SonicX15 *

    SonicX15 *

    5 місяців tagasi

    Hey fortnite please please give us the (shadow archetype) skin and the (Nite Gunner) skin in the item shop, also please bring back the patriota (Dynamic Shuffle) [emote] in the item shop as well

  • Brock Rock

    Brock Rock

    5 місяців tagasi


  • Jose Pablo Emanuel Rixtun Flores

    Jose Pablo Emanuel Rixtun Flores

    5 місяців tagasi

    Put servers in Central America !!!!!

  • micraphons


    5 місяців tagasi

    Old ttv vibes. I synced this dance with one of my greatest online friends, he hasn’t been on since season 4. 😥

  • TheMaxsGames


    5 місяців tagasi

    add cars!

  • justMan justMan

    justMan justMan

    5 місяців tagasi

    gooooood music

  • trashXxX


    5 місяців tagasi

    When there only doing music tracks lets go

  • Robert Floyd

    Robert Floyd

    5 місяців tagasi

    This is basically Deadpool’s theme in Fortnite.

  • Twisted clan / twistedclapzz

    Twisted clan / twistedclapzz

    5 місяців tagasi

    Who misses season 2

    Just me, that’s ok

  • Chithorix


    5 місяців tagasi

    And they said they were focusing on implementing cars...

  • victor castañeda

    victor castañeda

    5 місяців tagasi

    hello is like is video

  • Adrian mendoza

    Adrian mendoza

    5 місяців tagasi

    Five nights at freddy's x fortnite

    • Prodigy Gamers

      Prodigy Gamers

      5 місяців tagasi

      but why? why would they do that



    5 місяців tagasi

    This music has been out

  • Ydylz_


    5 місяців tagasi

    Fortnite : delays cars
    Also Fortnite: spam uploads lobby music

  • Deathstriker233 J

    Deathstriker233 J

    5 місяців tagasi

    I hate it

  • heather carson

    heather carson

    5 місяців tagasi

    is midas dead?

    • Prodigy Gamers

      Prodigy Gamers

      5 місяців tagasi


  • Spider stien 2

    Spider stien 2

    5 місяців tagasi


  • Jakfan


    5 місяців tagasi

    Damn bruh y’all gon drop a diss track on warzone or sum?

  • Meme Master

    Meme Master

    5 місяців tagasi

    But like tbh this is one of the best music packs ever

  • Misha Grigorev

    Misha Grigorev

    5 місяців tagasi

    Я один из рускоязычный поставте лайк посмотрим сколько нас тут

  • zaps 60Hz

    zaps 60Hz

    5 місяців tagasi


  • zaps 60Hz

    zaps 60Hz

    5 місяців tagasi

    I have this I love iy

  • Robert Lamas

    Robert Lamas

    5 місяців tagasi

    This part makes me feel bad for meowcles 😭 1:56

  • Fortnite ign: Best_StepBro

    Fortnite ign: Best_StepBro

    5 місяців tagasi

    this on every platform. Let your voice be heard, Let Epic Know how you feel
    If you want to make Fortnite better again -> give the community access to seasons in chapter 1, we didn't finish for many reasons sick, work, death, bills, and school.
    I'm sure the selfish, elitist, and entitled sweats won't mind since no new players will have access to old seasons, but if you deemed it fair, they could participate.
    - For example, if you started in season 5 chapter 1, you will gain access to season 5 through 10, if you started on season 2 chapter 1 you get seasons 2 through 10, etc. Do you see where this is going?
    - Or if you logged in and played during each season, then you gain access to those season passes regardless if you bought the pass or not in the past.
    It's just an opportunity for the loyal, casual, and dedicated to getting a chance to complete their old progress. Help us rid our regret.
    - If you “Epic Games” want to make a profit out of it, then It doesn't have to be free. It could be another 950 v bucks or sell it for a flat price in the store of 19.99 or more. Just a one time deal as an anniversary event or something.
    Items locked behind the old content map, star system, and tier progress could be converted to the current experience progression bar. Tie this feature with the current season so we can unlock new items and old items at the same time. Give us more reason to play other than waiting for weekly to unlock during boring content downtime.
    *** It is clear they aren’t listening to the big streamers about improving the game, so let’s get together and be heard! ***

    this on every platform. Let your voice be heard, Let Epic Know how you feel

    • Prodigy Gamers

      Prodigy Gamers

      5 місяців tagasi


    • TobyIsAwesome Gaming

      TobyIsAwesome Gaming

      5 місяців tagasi

      Epic’s a corporation with 1,000 workers lol they won’t hear you

  • Danoncrax


    5 місяців tagasi


  • Theo LI Tianze

    Theo LI Tianze

    5 місяців tagasi

    I have this lobby track

  • mikel roblox

    mikel roblox

    5 місяців tagasi

    Je l’ai deja

  • Fire Ball

    Fire Ball

    5 місяців tagasi

    Me in one day 1 Fortnite we’re becoming djs now

  • Noah Smith

    Noah Smith

    5 місяців tagasi

    Low-key some of these slap
    Put em on Spotify

  • PokèHein


    5 місяців tagasi

    Was my lobby music for a long time when I was a default now I have thus seasons's battle pass

  • A1M1D 547

    A1M1D 547

    5 місяців tagasi

    How much vbucks is it

  • Tato the Potato

    Tato the Potato

    5 місяців tagasi

    I don't care about the music WHERE THE CARS AT

  • Most_Handsome_noob


    5 місяців tagasi

    How do I get this

    • Most_Handsome_noob


      5 місяців tagasi

      Beau Butler oh I missed it thx brw

    • Beau Butler

      Beau Butler

      5 місяців tagasi

      it was in the last seasons battle pass

  • Lukejaxx


    5 місяців tagasi

    I miss deadpools yaght

  • Jeremy Erwin

    Jeremy Erwin

    5 місяців tagasi

    Why do we need this one we already got it

  • Shadowy Rasheed

    Shadowy Rasheed

    5 місяців tagasi

    who have this music pack its free if u danced in Deadpool's Yacht

  • A not creative name

    A not creative name

    5 місяців tagasi

    This has less views than the other music packs, probably underrated

  • vyretox


    5 місяців tagasi

    lmao I remember I made a twitch account 2 years ago just to get this emote and confused on why I didn’t get it

  • Shocking lions gaming

    Shocking lions gaming

    5 місяців tagasi

    Lol in season 2 if you went to the yacht this is the music that played and even in season3 it still plays the same music at the yatch



    5 місяців tagasi


  • Daniela Santos

    Daniela Santos

    5 місяців tagasi

    I USE THIS ONE 0_0

  • Filipp Fazulzyanov

    Filipp Fazulzyanov

    5 місяців tagasi

    What is wrong with epic games?!

  • MangoSharky


    5 місяців tagasi

    Why isn’t this 1 hour?

  • Finley Fachiri

    Finley Fachiri

    5 місяців tagasi

    New Spotify released search up on YouTube fortnite

  • Heena Sodhi

    Heena Sodhi

    5 місяців tagasi

    Fortnite :running out of ideas
    Also fortnite : we are not releasing cars and patch notes
    Fortnite : we will just post music
    All the community: F you

  • Shade god of darkness

    Shade god of darkness

    5 місяців tagasi

    Ngl when i got this it was lit

  • Chris Ashton

    Chris Ashton

    5 місяців tagasi


  • Azrach _123

    Azrach _123

    5 місяців tagasi

    I really like this music

  • speed Hameed

    speed Hameed

    5 місяців tagasi

    That is my favorite sound on fortnite I always use

  • Елена Султанова

    Елена Султанова

    5 місяців tagasi

    I have this song in the locker

  • Adithya Pai

    Adithya Pai

    5 місяців tagasi


  • The Hover Team

    The Hover Team

    5 місяців tagasi

    I use that

  • Binod


    5 місяців tagasi

    How to get this lobby music for free:
    Run this video on loop on youtube and disable fortnite music volume.
    As soon as you get loading screen press alt+tab and pause it and again press alt+tab.
    Super secret hack fortnite 2020 July Full HD premium