Fortnite Champion Series | Chapter 2 Season 2 Announcement

Avaldati 9 märts 2020
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Calling all Agents! It's time to find your Duos partner for the FNCS:
The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) returns in March and is open to eligible Duos players who have reached Champion League in Arena.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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Twitter: FortniteGame
Facebook: FortniteGame/

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  • Noah Marcus

    Noah Marcus

    17 päeva tagasi

    how do you get the white and gold peely style and the rusty looking style?

  • Strxng3r


    18 päeva tagasi

    Bruh? Can we get that style for Skye?

  • Bedrix


    Місяць tagasi

    Pls back old fortnite or chapter 2 season 2 pls back pump

  • tracy Burrowes

    tracy Burrowes

    Місяць tagasi

    A question epic is Cyclo Midas

  • Santhakumari. M.V

    Santhakumari. M.V

    3 місяці tagasi


  • Lone Bårdsen

    Lone Bårdsen

    4 місяці tagasi

    When i saw Midas i was like "I wanna be a agent now...a ghost agent"

  • Kosazd Ninja

    Kosazd Ninja

    4 місяці tagasi

    Dasz. Jakiegoś skina. Napszykład drifta plus bo wogule nie mam

  • Maria Georganta

    Maria Georganta

    5 місяців tagasi

    Barney's savalas be something else is on this is

  • Arte y lettering Live

    Arte y lettering Live

    5 місяців tagasi

    Some day can we have toys of this season?

  • Doll Life

    Doll Life

    5 місяців tagasi

    Can I have a free skin

  • Ghost Team7455

    Ghost Team7455

    5 місяців tagasi

    Can we still get shadow or ghost agents

  • Fortnite ign: Best_StepBro

    Fortnite ign: Best_StepBro

    5 місяців tagasi

    this on every platform. Let your voice be heard, Let Epic Know how you feel
    If you want to make Fortnite better again -> give the community access to seasons in chapter 1, we didn't finish for many reasons sick, work, death, bills, and school.
    I'm sure the selfish, elitist, and entitled sweats won't mind since no new players will have access to old seasons, but if you deemed it fair, they could participate.
    - For example, if you started in season 5 chapter 1, you will gain access to season 5 through 10, if you started on season 2 chapter 1 you get seasons 2 through 10, etc. Do you see where this is going?
    - Or if you logged in and played during each season, then you gain access to those season passes regardless if you bought the pass or not in the past.
    It's just an opportunity for the loyal, casual, and dedicated to getting a chance to complete their old progress. Help us rid our regret.
    - If you “Epic Games” want to make a profit out of it, then It doesn't have to be free. It could be another 950 v bucks or sell it for a flat price in the store of 19.99 or more. Just a one time deal as an anniversary event or something.
    Items locked behind the old content map, star system, and tier progress could be converted to the current experience progression bar. Tie this feature with the current season so we can unlock new items and old items at the same time. Give us more reason to play other than waiting for weekly to unlock during boring content downtime.
    *** It is clear they aren’t listening to the big streamers about improving the game, so let’s get together and be heard! ***

    this on every platform. Let your voice be heard, Let Epic Know how you feel

    • SOLO GunnerZ

      SOLO GunnerZ

      5 місяців tagasi

      There is a reason why theu call us ogs plus that would tale forever to implement, its a good idea but the community will have mixed reactions about it so no

  • Soto Escalante Jonathan

    Soto Escalante Jonathan

    6 місяців tagasi


  • daxar Tab2019

    daxar Tab2019

    7 місяців tagasi


  • Zrifiix


    7 місяців tagasi

    my 400€ PC VS 2000€ FNCS players 😩

  • Mohmad Mardene

    Mohmad Mardene

    7 місяців tagasi

    Eat zg 🤦‍♂️😂 اين العرب 😂😂

  • SonicX15 *

    SonicX15 *

    7 місяців tagasi

    Fortnite please put the X-Force skins and the rest of the Marvel series back on the item shop! Some of us are still waiting and still want to get the chance to get an X-Force skin!

  • Hendra Hermawan Drum

    Hendra Hermawan Drum

    8 місяців tagasi

    My caption is french bc you sound like speaking french

  • Yasmina boumessous

    Yasmina boumessous

    8 місяців tagasi


  • DucksAreCute


    8 місяців tagasi

    Mobile would get kicked out of the game while they play

  • ahmed abd

    ahmed abd

    8 місяців tagasi


  • Koningmemesyt _

    Koningmemesyt _

    8 місяців tagasi

    Bring back the old map

  • lorquen 09

    lorquen 09

    8 місяців tagasi


  • Xail Lite

    Xail Lite

    8 місяців tagasi


  • aassdd11 aassdd

    aassdd11 aassdd

    8 місяців tagasi

    No fortnite dead :(

  • The TAZ Family

    The TAZ Family

    8 місяців tagasi

    Can i get free vbucks people bully me all the time please

  • Topical- King

    Topical- King

    8 місяців tagasi

    Hi epic just to say I do not like your gsme

  • Drfpp Vlore

    Drfpp Vlore

    8 місяців tagasi

    pls fornite add the og map again and the double pump

  • danygraal


    8 місяців tagasi

    Since when did they employ Jeb at epic?

  • Marc-es sniped u 11

    Marc-es sniped u 11

    8 місяців tagasi

    Can I have free vbucks

  • Mohammed Adham (Al

    Mohammed Adham (Al

    8 місяців tagasi

    Can ps4 play the dous

  • عبدالله خالد شنب

    عبدالله خالد شنب

    8 місяців tagasi

    Kod saas

  • Ya scoozy woozy

    Ya scoozy woozy

    9 місяців tagasi

    i used to love this game, big rip

  • Jessikka Burkett

    Jessikka Burkett

    9 місяців tagasi

    Are you sure I play with a pc player

  • Adam Elkadi

    Adam Elkadi

    9 місяців tagasi

    I think midas is going to blow up the map and it's going to flood

  • Aayan plays

    Aayan plays

    9 місяців tagasi

    What season 3 mode

  • Artiry blue

    Artiry blue

    9 місяців tagasi

    Vous faite trop bien le jeu

  • silvia maria ezia cocchis

    silvia maria ezia cocchis

    9 місяців tagasi

    this is fantastic thanks for your news

  • Gaylene T

    Gaylene T

    9 місяців tagasi

    Tell us about the Doomsday event and please do the Doomsday of Event please

  • P.Reacts


    9 місяців tagasi

    Put tilted towers back in the game

  • Austin Hazelip

    Austin Hazelip

    9 місяців tagasi

    Can you please give me more refunds please

  • ok Then

    ok Then

    9 місяців tagasi

    Did anyone still know that roblox and epic games looks the same cuz roblox has egg hunt agents of egg and fortnite agents so do I play to much fortnite or roblox prob

  • A n I m e C o o k I e s

    A n I m e C o o k I e s

    9 місяців tagasi

    Are Xbox’s and Nintendo’s pcs or da other thing?

  • Herand Krith

    Herand Krith

    9 місяців tagasi

    My English is not good

  • Gacha_Kiwi


    9 місяців tagasi

    How come the servers were recently down?

  • caio jhones_YT

    caio jhones_YT

    9 місяців tagasi

    my name is caio give me the renegade rader

  • caio jhones_YT

    caio jhones_YT

    9 місяців tagasi

    give me the renegade rader

  • Nightmare _Todi20

    Nightmare _Todi20

    9 місяців tagasi

    Ok j'ai pas compris

  • Jaxson Holloway

    Jaxson Holloway

    9 місяців tagasi

    Can xbox and ps4 be together

  • Nicogamer 09

    Nicogamer 09

    9 місяців tagasi

    Are you epic games can you pls my skin in fortnite

  • Glass Boy

    Glass Boy

    9 місяців tagasi

    Fortnite release the dead pool bundle again

  • Бейл Харбор 〡 Майнкрафт

    Бейл Харбор 〡 Майнкрафт

    9 місяців tagasi

    Hi, I can't play fortnite now! With the new engine came a lot of lags, fps has become less than 3 times! Please return the old engine! The new engine is worse than the old one!😭

  • Mr. guy

    Mr. guy

    9 місяців tagasi


  • muhammad adli

    muhammad adli

    9 місяців tagasi


  • Mohamed bakr

    Mohamed bakr

    9 місяців tagasi

    Men do my hair cut my hair my fortnite this my mouth haircut house in my hair cut my hair cut melt what are my haircut haircut this my mouth this Mr hair this is my fortnite not me my playlist know me my this man please come here my fortnite ok

  • Drifting


    9 місяців tagasi

    I need a duo partner I play on Eu servers. I am arena five looking for someone at an equal skill level I play on PC

  • SPIKY :D

    SPIKY :D

    9 місяців tagasi


  • артем Буднік

    артем Буднік

    9 місяців tagasi

    Разработчики вы самые крутые спасибо что сделали обновление мы вас пока Я хочу чтобы вы мне сделали боевой Я играю на сонькину при сделайте мне боевой пропуск разработчики Я люблю fortnite него хочу всегда играть и у меня нет и у меня нет заданий почему нам разработчики пока до встречи

  • -Ĺàŕìßßà -

    -Ĺàŕìßßà -

    9 місяців tagasi

    Switch PC players and console players from Arena please

  • -Ĺàŕìßßà -

    -Ĺàŕìßßà -

    9 місяців tagasi

    Subway PC players and console players from Arena please I need this

  • Lebron Tucker

    Lebron Tucker

    9 місяців tagasi

    Bring bACk olD foRtnitE!!

  • GM


    9 місяців tagasi

    I hate this when die in game

  • Mona


    9 місяців tagasi

    I've never seen an agent look so...

    D e a d i n s i d e

  • Marlene McKenzie-Jarrett

    Marlene McKenzie-Jarrett

    9 місяців tagasi


  • Giuse YT

    Giuse YT

    9 місяців tagasi

    Epica ti amo

  • Gaming with Ed

    Gaming with Ed

    9 місяців tagasi

    I really want the storms trooper skin I'm the biggest Star Wars fan

  • liviu leordean

    liviu leordean

    9 місяців tagasi

    Fortnite my ping is 30 is solo and in arena i have 100 plz resolve that problem

  • Eden Sol Geronga

    Eden Sol Geronga

    9 місяців tagasi

    Ghost agents are my friends shadow agents are not my friends

  • Sarwar667 gaming

    Sarwar667 gaming

    9 місяців tagasi

    Fortnite 8s so fun

  • Apixela


    9 місяців tagasi

    Hola, no nos podrían poner un servidor en ARGENTINA porque no tenemos la misma ventaja que los de BRAZUL

    • Apixela


      9 місяців tagasi


  • Andrew Young

    Andrew Young

    9 місяців tagasi

    My challenge week 7 WONT WORK >:(

  • Crystal Smallwood

    Crystal Smallwood

    9 місяців tagasi

    I’m a pro like and subscribe

  • Crystal Smallwood

    Crystal Smallwood

    9 місяців tagasi


  • Noriaki Kakyoin

    Noriaki Kakyoin

    9 місяців tagasi

    I miss when arena was'nt a thing and you could just join the event not go sweaty

  • Iosef Simbolo

    Iosef Simbolo

    9 місяців tagasi


  • Donut1616


    9 місяців tagasi

    Make it solo please. No one wants to grind champion league out of my friends. They hate competitive

  • 32 Nabil

    32 Nabil

    9 місяців tagasi

    can you please give us asian players better ping? look, the ping was ruined for asia servers ever since you guys introduce middle east servers.

  • lolipop ghdr

    lolipop ghdr

    9 місяців tagasi

    J'aime trop votre jeu fortnite, merci d'y ajouter de superbes mise-à-jour les kheys 😘



    9 місяців tagasi


  • Maria Carlsson

    Maria Carlsson

    9 місяців tagasi

    My accunt is not working

  • zorrito gamer

    zorrito gamer

    9 місяців tagasi

    Saquen a Harley porfaaaaaaa😖😞😖😞😖😞😖😞😖😞😖😞😞😖😞😖😖🙏

  • menames Charlie

    menames Charlie

    9 місяців tagasi

    CEO of long hair dudes

  • Hussein


    9 місяців tagasi

    Omg PC Player and

  • Alessio 04

    Alessio 04

    10 місяців tagasi


  • Mazengan


    10 місяців tagasi

    Hahha my friend named cesar is on pc and he plays with me and im in console

  • Naruto D Uchiha

    Naruto D Uchiha

    10 місяців tagasi

    Can mobile players play with console?



    10 місяців tagasi

    Pq eu não consigo jogar fortnite 😭😭😭😭

  • Keaton


    10 місяців tagasi

    I hate skilled based matchmaking, I can't even get in a game without going against a sweat lol. I miss when this game was random and you would sometimes go against good players and some bad.

  • COMICSANS12345


    10 місяців tagasi

    Are there any Updates about The Story Line or BATTLE FEILD/ GHOST VS. SHADOW?

  • Cam England

    Cam England

    10 місяців tagasi

    Unban Jarvis plz ly

  • Jerry Toomey

    Jerry Toomey

    10 місяців tagasi

    can i get help with getting up tears on the battle pass

  • DJ X

    DJ X

    10 місяців tagasi

    Epic games please let the folk King can you put the lighter than with a polar Peak monster

  • Crackz_


    10 місяців tagasi

    Unban Jarvis

  • Demon_JursonYT


    10 місяців tagasi

    Fix the lag please

  • Mohamed Abdo

    Mohamed Abdo

    10 місяців tagasi

    End no fortnite

  • Diavolo King Crimson

    Diavolo King Crimson

    10 місяців tagasi

    Please add tilted towers again

  • Adam Baatar

    Adam Baatar

    10 місяців tagasi

    Can pc and console play together on contender duo cash cup

  • Andrea Smith

    Andrea Smith

    10 місяців tagasi

    Can you please fix mobile every time I'm landing I have to deal with my the game not letting me register any pickaxe hit on The Clocktower if I land in misty and the bullets are bad too sometimes I can't even fire the gun so he can me please fix it and give us twenty thousand v-bucks as an apology and 10 free levels

  • Ronilson Geraldo Benfica Roni

    Ronilson Geraldo Benfica Roni

    10 місяців tagasi

    Épico a mina de aproximedade tem brilho azul

  • Neb


    10 місяців tagasi

    Add African servers