Bugha - Stories from the Battle Bus

Avaldati 25 nov 2019
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Follow the journey of the first ever Solo Fortnite World Cup Winner, Bugha, as he relives the moments leading up to his most important Victory Royale.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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    Catherine Neff

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    This is cool

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    I need old Fortnite back

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    You are god Bugha

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    I love Him

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    todos petes

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    Bryan Healy

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    Epic games can you give us more refunds

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    Minecraft EFDOs

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    *sniff sniff

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    4:45 MONGRAAL!

  • Lora


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    No one:
    Tfue: my fashion is unbeatable

  • Nigel Currie

    Nigel Currie

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    bugha is the best player on the world

  • Edoardo Tandurella ツ

    Edoardo Tandurella ツ

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    I like

  • bellavillarreal11


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    Okay so, I was never expecting me to become a gamer. I am a girl and I play on ps4 and Xbox. The first game I was introduced to was Gta or Injustice. They were the only games I'd play. After years and years I stopped playing. Then I started playing a game called Just Cause 4. Then moved on to Minecraft, Warzone. And my cousins introduced me to fortnite. It's the only game I ever play. I just started the game so I'm not to good but I practice almost every time I can. I'm working on 90s and edits at the moment. I learned 90s but I wanna learn to get fast. I've bought some vbucks on SEANDON2013 is my fortnite. Scary thing is I could loose it all, I have no idea what the password is but my dad is inlove with Warzone and thinks fortnite is a game where you just build blocks. But theres more to fortnite then just building for protection. It's such a fun game and know I really respect Bugha for how far he has came. And of course the others. Kreo must have been pretty upset losing 3Mill. But Bugha oh my gosh. Came in ready. Have a great day.

  • Pick lezz

    Pick lezz

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    Who came back to this legendary moment?

  • Zettie


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    You don't get this good simply because your dad was a gamer and let you play. He obviously inherited his dad's gamer genes as well - like lightning striking twice in the same place. lol I love this kid and I wish him all the best. And may he never be seduced by the dark side.

  • Cameron Ludlow

    Cameron Ludlow

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    4:44 mongy

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    Shadow Quaz

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    I wîśh î čould gèt there in life

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    Kulmeet Grover

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    So true

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    acually hes not the only world cup winner also aqua and nyrox

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    Hes dog water

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    4:45 am i the only one who noticed mongraal

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    buruzo brou

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    the best video in all the world

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  • Tamer vlogz

    Tamer vlogz

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    his sister be like remember you told me if i clean your room for you ille get 1 million dollars can i have my money now

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    Rob Hangsti

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    im glad for mongral the face sway retake actualy works

  • Libby


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    I wish i had parents like that 😔

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    I am

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    Bugha is a legend

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    tbh MineCraft is better

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    This is great.

    Thank you fortnite.

  • MG Sentacon ツ

    MG Sentacon ツ

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    Man who knows bugha before he won I do he’s my first fortnite YouTube I watch.

  • Drippy PePe

    Drippy PePe

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    3M DAG

  • its_ JoelyBoi

    its_ JoelyBoi

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    ok i know he wont the fn world cup but his parents are so supportive

  • Liam Williams

    Liam Williams

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    I don’t like fort night but this video hits different the 1000th time

  • Taylor Lathem

    Taylor Lathem

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    you’re my favorite streamer and you tuber BoogaThen she’s a scaredy-cat of you Booga he sucks

  • Taylor Lathem

    Taylor Lathem

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    You’re my favorite streamer and YouTube or Booga

  • Taylor Lathem

    Taylor Lathem

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    Ninja scaredy-cat of you Booga and by the way I want to say sucks Booga

  • Taylor Lathem

    Taylor Lathem

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    I meant to say ninja when I messed up in time

  • Taylor Lathem

    Taylor Lathem

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    You are better than ninja I dare you to FaceTime in a 1B1 ninja sucks

  • Taylor Lathem

    Taylor Lathem

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    Do you want to face ninja thank you

  • yoooeeli


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    i WANNA know if epic recorded everyone cause its kinda weird they have all this bugha footage during the world cup

  • justinscraked


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    2:37 is the best part

  • Fadeaway FN

    Fadeaway FN

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    chills every-time during that last game

  • Kulchooma


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    Does anyone think he got bullied at school for his name being bugha?

  • TTv_jamse_1584


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    Omg me and Boga liv in peslvana

  • Jose Maria Elizondo Mata

    Jose Maria Elizondo Mata

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    me sorprende como los de free fire dicen que su juego es mejor nmms

  • Bobbi Lay

    Bobbi Lay

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    to me that was kinda sad

  • Dumb Cuts lol

    Dumb Cuts lol

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    Bughas Dad: You can do it play more fortnite!
    My Dad: Read books!

  • Emotionally Dead

    Emotionally Dead

    2 päeva tagasi

    am i the only one rewatching this in 2021 admiring how good this game use to be its sad whats it’s become now

    • dagodbacon


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      No I am

  • Swaz


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    fun fact: bugha is flat footed

  • Nelson Gutierrez

    Nelson Gutierrez

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    og public?

  • Fakeyz_YT 1

    Fakeyz_YT 1

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    Me lol

  • mateo3rox


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    His sister after the World Cup: remember you bet me a million dollars I wouldn’t make that shot

  • Mizou Gamer

    Mizou Gamer

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    Congratulations Bugha you won the fortnite world cup and you are the best .

  • Brandon Beachoo

    Brandon Beachoo

    2 päeva tagasi

    Bugha: I was shambles on look
    "Proceeds to pull out heavy sniper"

  • Shalm


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    Whoever disliked this video are just jealous of bughas hard work and effort into his achievements

  • Shaunak Chasia

    Shaunak Chasia

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    If I played for 5 or 6 hours I could really pop of

  • Peace control Bugha

    Peace control Bugha

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    i bought bugh's set up and its good form five blow and i have the mouse and keyboard its good

  • Sosaia Paea

    Sosaia Paea

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    the fortnite legend give him a round of aplause hes so intellagant

  • Lukey Cup

    Lukey Cup

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    i had goose bumps

  • Luca-Sisto


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    5th time I’ve watched this. Goosebumps. To Fortnite: *I wish to see you in the World Cup finals in the foreseeable future...* 👀💙

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    Jackson Hinkle

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    200 timet

  • Jackson Hinkle

    Jackson Hinkle

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  • Flatness


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    He’s got steamy stacks in the intro for this

    Sorry for the very fortnite reference 😩

  • Noah .T_-

    Noah .T_-

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    i heard the grenade launcher

  • Kokosnuss Nice

    Kokosnuss Nice

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    OMG Bugha that Video its so nice 😂😂👍🏻

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    ja polak

  • Brandon Beachoo

    Brandon Beachoo

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    19:32 I mean your not wrong



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    codigo New-Antox pls in fortnite

  • Jakes Weather Channel.

    Jakes Weather Channel.

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    00:3 Just casually a nuclear power plant in the background bugha idk about that area to live lol.

  • Ola ok

    Ola ok

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    tears come to my eyes as I watch this in 2021 ... Really beautiful times

  • Liam Cotter

    Liam Cotter

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    wow he good

  • Ryan Manglavil

    Ryan Manglavil

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    If my parents were like his, i would be in wonderland.

  • Mizryψ


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    This is the kind of Fortnite videos that I respect

  • Mio Peralta

    Mio Peralta

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    WOW i cant play under pressure of millions or BILLIONS of people watching me

  • Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt

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  • Voltz .

    Voltz .

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    This was in july 2019
    At 7:56 someones wearing a mask?

  • carlitoes1x


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    to my 2years later self:did you make it

  • Rick Delfino

    Rick Delfino

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    3:33 tfue

  • Maria Dionisio Nava

    Maria Dionisio Nava

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    You good bro bugha

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    Bball sweat

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    I love bugha

  • Ryan Barrett

    Ryan Barrett

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    What was your favorite season

  • Klinx


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    Did anyone see Steamy Stacks at the start all the way in the back of the video

  • James D'Amico

    James D'Amico

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    Is it me or did I see someone wearing a warzone shirt

  • Daniel Bruh

    Daniel Bruh

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    8:27 Papi jelty

  • Gesrrel Ian Pablo Albarrán Luna

    Gesrrel Ian Pablo Albarrán Luna

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    Dawson Nix

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    wish my mom thought of gaming like this

  • Alfredo Rodriguez

    Alfredo Rodriguez

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    Can you give me advice my parents won’t let me play fortnight one time I played my mom grounded me for 2 months can you tell me what to do to play fortnight

  • Patryk Małek

    Patryk Małek

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    Cool that the grandpha has a fortnite hat

  • Spuddy Spud

    Spuddy Spud

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    His mum: fortnite is soooooo good and special
    My mum: 10 mints a day

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    XY Princz

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    Can we all appreciate that there are no ads on this video

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    hace shooooo cerote

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  • Enmanuel Puentes Quintero

    Enmanuel Puentes Quintero

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    buga is a fuking bro in forniey

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    nico virtual life

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    This person Is Special

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