Best 3D Pen Art Wins $5,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts

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I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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ZHC Crafts
  • ZHC Crafts

    ZHC Crafts

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    Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))

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      That won't happen

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      Skylar Craigie

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      I’m subscribed already I love you guy’s keep up the great work 👍🏻👍🏻 Sup

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      Gaming with Mobina

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      I’ve been subbed to all ur channel and it’s my dream to meet u and me and my family are trying to save

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      Hi can I be in your next video because I just subscribe

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    Danica Allred

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    I think kenz is gonna win

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  • Joel Hernandez

    Joel Hernandez

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    what kind of brand do u use for pastel markers

  • Areen Yemenjian

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  • Yue Rong

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    Evelyn Whitney

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    Hey, ima BIG BIG fan. I need a new phone.Mine is broken,so im asking for a iphone 11 with 2 cases a dog a volleyball and my profil picter.So,please i subscribed and hit the bell to ALL i love you r vids, i liv in U.S.A i liv far but can you ship it pretty pretty please! :)

    • Evelyn Whitney

      Evelyn Whitney

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      oh and thank you i been waching sisns 2014

    • Evelyn Whitney

      Evelyn Whitney

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      oh and say:, to evelyn G whitney at U.S.A. can you get my sister a ipad purple unicorn and a dog. thanks

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    سهام شكري

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    ILove you

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    Henry Farr

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    Zhc sup

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    Sushama Gaikwad

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    which pens u use for customizing phones

  • Nariesha Ramkelawan

    Nariesha Ramkelawan

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    I do art on there so maybe we could help eachother out

  • ggGuy


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    ZHC:welcome to another video were I copy mrbeast

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    Xxx Xxx

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    No one: Michelle:*farts*

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    Jordan Smith

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    i liked and subscribed

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    i think Micheal ist female Chandler 😂

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    *Jesus Christus ist der Sohn Gottes, der gestorben und von den Toten auferstanden ist, um uns ewiges Leben zu geben.*
    *Er versprach auch, deinen Körper zu heilen.)*
    Das ist wahre Liebe!!! (schau zum Himmel und frag ihn).* *(Schau zum Himmel und frag Gott)*

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    Hi zhc

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    *Jesus Christus ist der Sohn Gottes, der von den Toten gestorben und auferstanden ist uns das ewige Leben zu geben.*
    *Er versprach auch, um Ihren Körper zu heilen. *
    *Das ist wahre Liebe!!!* *(Schau zum Himmel und frag Gott)*

  • Ashley Martinez

    Ashley Martinez

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    You guys are so so good at art

  • Oshaney Fuller

    Oshaney Fuller

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    Aye mn jus wanna say ur so good can u teach me some of ur ideas n knowlage

  • Cal Wizzarak

    Cal Wizzarak

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    *Gott zeigte seine Liebe zu uns durch seinen Sohn Jesus Christus zu senden, der von den Toten gestorben und auferstanden ist uns das ewige Leben zu geben.*
    *Er versprach auch, um Ihren Körper zu heilen.*
    *(Schau zum Himmel und frag Gott)*

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    Ash Dakki

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    All of them are cool

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    Arshia Aslam

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    Nooo mashal have to win

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    Fathima Nazrin

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    Hhi love u all stay safe please paint bts members plsssssss I beg you

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    giannuba 23 stavr

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    do intro for zhc

  • iamNikola


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    I love all your art work everyone is so talented.



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    Camaron Mitchell

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    Soon as he said time is up my alarm went off 😂😂😂

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    Abaa Saar

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    Can you please give me your phone number

  • Amir Hossen

    Amir Hossen

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    Zhc is now another version of mr beast

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    nightcore carmina

    10 tundi tagasi that laugh though

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    i would really appreciate it if you send me something

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    I like mekenzies um craft Mckenzie’s is one of my fav member

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    I feel like jaz Likes zhc and i mean as crush

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    I subed

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    BUT WHY ARE YOU CALLING THEM IF YOU DON’T WIN THEY JUST BE LIKE: Why are they not calling back 😢

  • Vkttr Oeqlb

    Vkttr Oeqlb

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    The physical daniel microscopically smoke because breakfast gully force to a savory ear. crowded, female fertile luttuce



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    Oh wow Philippines thats cool i live in Philippines, i love watching his vids that's super cool

  • Mellody Meléndez

    Mellody Meléndez

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    Ivy looks like he or she is ✨mindblown✨ with that 🏆afro🏆✋😂
    (No hate, Just Jokes😂)

  • Navin Kumar

    Navin Kumar

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    When u are BTS fan and also a ZHC fan and spot a iconic line told by V (bts member)…....i was soo shocked, i also saw BTS in the customizing of a truck for zack time pls do a bts drawing or customize something with BTS.......thank u in advance.............

  • الجنون الشديد الجنون الشديد

    الجنون الشديد الجنون الشديد

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    Joel Fernandez

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    Michelle have a cool art why did she lost 😭😭😭

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    Piamia Gaming

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    Is it just me or when jaz came out of the pool she looked like charli damelio

  • StuSsy


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    Mr.Beast Content be like.

  • Brandon Garcia

    Brandon Garcia

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    I like naps too and my teacher ask if I was paying attention and ask me what is 10 dimes with 5 and I said uMMMM I don't know...

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    Pls let me in one

  • bodoti qwiu

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    Jake: 8 minutes of plank is nothing *Me: i can't even find my motivation to walk to the fridge

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    The meaty helen statistically marry because rabbi cellularly scribble till a damp wolf. careless, plausible kenneth

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    I liked the dragon

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      If you custom an iPhone 11 pro for me I'll subscribe you

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    I love your videos!!!

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    Aubree Stahlecker

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    Jake’s looks like baby yoda

  • anonymous girl

    anonymous girl

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    funny thing is when I got my 3D pen (3 years ago) and then one year after and that's how I just knew how to use it and now I am laughing at my self cause I look at them and think I am so stupid they like knew and read the instructions not like me didn't find it

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    fortnite twins

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    I love your videos

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    Fun fact: the things they use are 5001$ lol😂

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    Can I be in a vide plz it would mean the world to me

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    I love Michelle one it's awesome

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    Wer is lieo

  • Jazz Vroegh

    Jazz Vroegh

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    Wer is lieo

  • Sujal Dhonsale

    Sujal Dhonsale

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    I thought jack will be the winner and thought mecanzy (idk spelling) will be second last

  • hoda hamody

    hoda hamody

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    Why she win minceraft is excelant

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    If you custom an iPhone 11 pro for me I'll subscribe you

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    i liked and subscribe and i want a shout out pls

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    Jake did paper 4 times in a row WHY!!!????

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    #ZHC ..... actually I m your new fan I fell really bad that I didn't knew till now I was living under a stone till now hey....I have request will you plsssßs plssssss plssssssss Skech some oF BTS PICTURE S I MEAN I REALLY WANT YOU TO DO SOME AMAZING STULL WITH BTS BUT GOOD ....AFFCOURC YOU WILL 🙏🙏🙏

  • ارسام یوسفی

    ارسام یوسفی

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    Try to Draw with your bad hand

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    🥒 if you know what I mean 🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🍑🍑

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    Don’t touch the tip? Hot soy? As some cultured people would know



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    I really want a oculus

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    ...ok it needs to be a new one-



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    Bro where's leoo he's my favorite 😤 😭

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    Shirley Gonzales

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    Tbh I live in the Philiphins too nd Im only 9 with my moms phone Pls chose me next challenge pls? My birthday Just Happend.....

    • Shirley Gonzales

      Shirley Gonzales

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      Im subcribed Too

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    Talking to a filipino
    Me: ... when filipino sees a youtuber they are happy and exited

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    can i get one of your prizes

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    i love when people say LMAO is a swear word

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    I think pink hair girl will win

  • Bassy456


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    I have a 3D pen but it is so different the Merrell twins have a blue 3D pen and I do as well and I have a grey one

  • niz Ali

    niz Ali

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    Tell me pet when your family they all why did I like three or four iPhones like decorated like of cartoons stranger things and they wanted like 11 Mike whole should you think gas are you do you do you know where my whole and I wanna cut your music games PUBG and things that girls can you please decorate it with everything because all the games

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    Phillipines yesss

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    i sub like and notafacation+comment

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    I'd pay $5000 for a pen that isn't 3D

    Am I right? Get it. Haha funny.

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    Can you make art with minecraft

  • Ajab gazibo

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    Zach:If y dont win u go for a swim
    Michelle and everyone:NOOOOOOOO!!
    me: why no!??

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    Bro bro bro

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    Your sound is mrbeast

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